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New Arrival Medical Procedures

Posted on Mon Jan 1st, 2024 @ 4:01pm by Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Lieutenant JG Kromal Ezazzan

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Mission: The Search
Location: USS Ermiana; Deck 12 - Sickbay
Timeline: Backlog Arrival Post
Tags: 2371, Character Introduction


Lieutenant JG Kromal Ezazzan stepped off the Type 6 shuttlecraft in the shuttle hanger bay of the USS Ermiana. He had seen her glory on approach and had been extremely impressed. The Galaxy-class starships easily outsized the Ambassador-class ships, impressing Kromal with the perception that they could possibly be classified as Dreadnoughts in their own right. Starfleet, however, was dead-set on peaceful exploration and despite the advancements in technology and weapons capabilities of a Galaxy-class such a designation was unlikely to be given. That and the Galaxy-class was essentially a city in space, with every imaginable facility for a crew of explorers up to and including child daycare facilities. Kromal had been offered the possibility of allowing his hatchlings here, but quickly declined following his mates refusal to leave the Clan Ezazzan Sanctuary on Skoleos.

His arrival to the Ermiana was brief, professional, and short with the Chief of the Boat making a brief appearance for introductions and a subordinate Operations Officer coming to assist with the Gorns two pieces of belongings; one suitcase for specialty species-specific clothing that accommodated his tail and other features of his reptilian anatomy and one suitcase for belongings. There wasn't much else he brought with him from the USS Gandhi save for his utility belt, which had the standard issued phaser pistol and multi-featured tricorder. He also kept with him a pouch with engineering repair equipment that included a sonic driver and micro-spanner - for when the need arose for emergency repairs. Wearing his fresh and crisp yellow and black Starfleet uniform proud with a shiny Starfleet insignia combadge completing the outfit, the Gorn followed his subordinate officer for the brief trek to Deck 20 to his quarters - conveniently located near the ships stores!

Ensign Philips, the Operations Officer that had escorted him, was quick to set the two suitcases in the Chief Operations Officers personal quarters before handing off a Datapad to his Chief and exiting with a polite farewell. Kromal kept Philips in mind as a possibly reliable officer to utilize, making the mental note as he reviewed his new orders. He would have little time to situate his quarters - far bigger than those on an Ambassador-class! - before he noticed the call for mandatory medical checkup by the Chief Medical Officer. He sighed, understanding protocol, before resigning himself to his fate and departing Deck 20 for Deck 12 and Sickbay proper.

On his way Kromal had time to review the CMO's history from the Datapad. Lieutenant Felicie Giehl was a Trill, a species the Gorn was admittedly mostly unfamiliar with, and had been born - hatched? do humanoids even hatch? - eight years prior to Kromal himself. A dedicated medical officer, Felicie had extensive dedicated medical school certificates and had served on four Starfleet Starships before her posting to the Ermiana. Kromal felt slightly better at seeing the ships CMO, knowing from this brief summary that she would likely be an experienced medical doctor. After he arrived to Deck 12 and rounded a few turns on the large, long corridors of the huge ship, the Gorn arrived to sickbay.

There were a few glances, both concerned and intrigued, but once personnel made out his uniform - however fancy or fitting it was to his form - they went back to their business. Asking a Nurse that passed for where the CMO was, Kromal was directed to the CMO's office inside sickbay. He proceeded, entered the doorway careful not to slam his head against it, and stood at attention.

"Junior Lieutenant Ezazzan reporting for medical screening as ordered," Kromal announced, formally. His voice was an odd mixture of almost clear Federation Standard but there were clear indications of a more primal hiss, growl, and almost gruff throaty vibrations to his tone. "I saw your extensive service and medical history, so I'm sure you're well acquainted with Gorn specifics. If not, I can provide the necessary biological medical data specific to my Gorn sub-species should you require it."

Felicie had spent the morning getting through all the separate onboardings, offboardings and what not, and was not a bit surprised to see the Gorn in front of her. The Trill smiled warmly and offered the new Operations officer a seat on the bio-bed. "We had a course on reptilian species at the Academy. However, with you being one of the few that are in Starfleet, I will take whatever information you may have. This way I can study it and be better prepared in case of an emergency and you require medical intervention that did not get broached then. Off the bat, this'll be nice and quick and easy, and we'll get you back on out of here. Have you checked in with the Captain yet?" she asked as she pulled out the probe on her tricorder to begin the bio-physical scan.

"I don't think I have, no," Kromal said as he sat down on the biobed. He had to carefully adjust how he sat versus his tail, but otherwise had little issue when he laid down flat on it. "I just arrived and got to work."

The Gorn seemed somewhat fidgety and uncomfortable in the biobed. Otherwise he tried his best to remain still.

"I'll be quick," she commented with a warm smile. "Any notable changes since your last physical?" Felicie asked as she was about half way through her scan.

"My last physical was on the USS Gandhi," the Gorn said, keeping calm despite his nervous ticks. "I do not believe nothing has changed since that event, no."

"That's good to hear," she commented, as she wrapped up the rest of his scan. "You're stress hormones are a bit elevated; new assignments will do that to you. I'll make sure to brush up on my Gorn anatomy to ensure you have the best care serving aboard the Ermiana. That's all I needed for your physical. Any other concerns, notes, ticks et al that I should be aware of?"

"No," replied Kromal as he lifted up from the table. "I do not have any other issues, I do not think. Stress? Yes, a tad, but it is manageable. I appreciate your thoroughness, Doctor."

"If the stress gets too much, come see me; there's plenty of things that we can do to help that before it starts to adversely affect things. That's all for now. Have a good day, Lieutenant."


Lieutenant Felicie Giehl
Chief Medical Officer
USS Ermiana


Lieutenant Junior Grade Kromal Ezazzan
Chief Operations Officer
USS Ermiana


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