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Lieutenant Felicie Giehl

Name Felicie Giehl

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Unjoined Trill
Age 30
Date of Birth May 13, 2341
Place of Birth Mak'ala, Trill
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 159
Hair Color Light brown with Blonde Highlights
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Has light brown hair with blonde highlights. She keeps it layered and sometimes the wisps of hair fall out of her loose ponytails or messy buns. She likes to keep her hair up and out of the way when she is on duty and usually wears it down when off duty. Her spots are of a light brown, blue purplish color and trail from her hairline down her sides to her ankles. She has hazel eyes that seem like they are deep pools of knowledge. Two small crescent moons and a star tattoo are on the inside of her right wrist.


Partner Matevos Giehl, Human, 32
Relationship Status Married
Children None
Father Thom Saro, Unjoined Trill, 59
Mother Marjorie (Saro) Nia, Joined Trill, 57
Brother(s) Anders Saro, Unjoined Trill, 31
Sister(s) Teyly (Saro) Rovere, Unjoined Trill, 27
Other Family Sami Rovere, Human, 31

Personality & Traits

General Overview Felicie is an unjoined Trill from Trill. She entered the Academy early, and completed Medical School. She always liked working in emergency medicine and stuck to the emergency room while at Starfleet Medical, and was one of the front line Medical Officers in Sickbay before she went for Assistant Chief Medical Officer. She usually is quiet unless there is need to take charge, as she likes to get to know people before she lets her fierce personality out. She’s always enjoyed Martial Arts as a means to work out, and to keep active. She likes trying new foods, and experiencing new cultures.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Seamless at doing the things she does
- Cool under pressure, especially in emergency care
- Drive

- Loses track of time easily
- Death
- Injured or sick kids
Ambitions To help those who are in need.
Hobbies & Interests Martial Arts, Rock climbing, Swimming, Gardening

Personal History Felicie was born on a rainy night in Mak'ala when her parents had gone for a conference. She was the middle child and was an accident after her parents had her brother Anders, who is only eleven months older than her. Once her baby sister came along, she was mostly left to her own devices. Her mother was a nurse on Trill and her father an Engineer. While growing up, she tinkered on a lot of things near their farm in the outskirts of one of the neighboring cities.

This is where she fell in love with gardening, and got even more interested in healing herbs that she could use on the animals they had on the farm. She became a caretaker for them and enjoyed herself enough that she wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps.

She got accepted at the age of seventeen to the Academy Medical School. While here, she decided she wanted to become a doctor instead of a nurse. After completing medical school, she went on her cadet cruise before taking up residency at Starfleet Medical.

Once she completed her residency requirements, she decided that she wanted to travel the stars and applied for medical officer on a starship. Having been ground-based for so many years, there was a slight adjustment period that she soared through as she adapted to ship life. She served for a couple of years on the Bonestell, until the Battle of Wolf 359. As her ship was heavily damaged, she beamed aboard the USS Ahwahnee with injured from the Bonestell. She went straight to work, as the ship was heavily damaged. After the battle, the Ahwahnee was disabled, and gathering survivors as they could. This is when she met Matevos, who had served on the Princeton, which had been destroyed. He had been picked up by the Ahwahnee as he was a field medic and nurse to help with the injured and casualties.

After the battle, survivors had been split up to return to Sector 001 for new assignments. This is when Matevos and Felicie had been separated. Once they got to Sector 001, they were surprised to find themselves assigned together on the Venture. Shortly after starting on the Venture, they both started dating and ended up getting married a year after they had met. Felicie wanted to go for Assistant Chief Medical Officer, and took an offship promotion to the position to get Second Assistant Chief Medical Officer. Matevos was able to secure a spot in Sickbay as a nurse on the Phoenix. Here they remained until they were both reassigned to the Ermiana. She thought that she was going to be the Primary Assistant Chief Medical Officer aboard the Ermiana. However, upon arrival, she was promoted to Chief Medical Officer after a last minute reassignment.
Service Record 2358-2361: Medical School
2361-2361: USS Yamaguchi, Cadet Cruise
2361-2365: Starfleet Medical, Ensign, Residency
2365-2367: USS Bonestell, Ensign - Medical Officer
2367-2369: USS Venture, Lt. Jg - Medical Officer
2369-2371: USS Phoenix, Lt. Jg-Lt - Second Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2371-Present: USS Ermiana, Lt - Chief Medical Officer