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The New Chief Of Sciences (Backpost)

Posted on Tue Dec 19th, 2023 @ 11:12pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Sonak

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Mission: The Search
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: Occurs Prior to Relaying New Orders

Sonak had been aboard the Ermiana for approximately forty-seven minutes, and so far had taken the time to assess the accommodations to which he had been allocated, and to ensure that his personal effects had arrived. While he had traveled with some limited personal items, he had determined that they were essential to his function, when adding decorative elements to his quarters. There were several items that assisted with his meditation practices, as well as a number of pictures of his wife. One from their wedding day, some forty-nine years earlier, and another from a year ago, when T'Pen had been honoured for sixty years of service to the Vulcan Science Academy. It had also been the event that she had been appointed as a sub-director.

He also displayed pictures of his children, each of them from significant moments in their lives.

Supan was pictured with the current Vulcan Ambassador, on the day that he'd been appointed to the Ambassador's administrative staff. The image of Tumek was taken several months ago, following the completion of the draft of a new policy that Vulcan had been a proponent of, that Tumek had worked on in his role with Vulcan's Federation Councillor. T'Neh was pictured from the day that she was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade, a moment that Sonak felt particularly proud of. And Sturok, his youngest, was pictured in his Starfleet Academy Cadet uniform, taken only three days earlier. This event coincided with his reassignment to the Starship Ermiana.

Once he was satisfied with his arrangements, he decided to check in with the Captain. "Computer," he called out, "identify the location of Captain Mikoto Misaka."

=A= Captain Mikoto Misaka is in the Ready Room =A= the computer dutifully responded.

Sonak nodded, although he wasn't sure why. He headed out of his quarters, and made his way to the bridge. Arriving at the Captain's ready room, he pushed the door bell, and awaited to be admitted inside.

"Come in" Misaka called simply from behind her desk.

Sonak stepped forward, with the doors opening as he came close. Stepping inside, he approached the Captain's desk, and came to rest in front of it. "Greetings Captain," Sonak began, "Lieutenant Commander Sonak, reporting for duty."

Mikoto looked up at the Vulcan man. "Welcome aboard the Ermiana 'Commander" she said as she stood up. She indicated for him to take a seat. "I was about to make some tea? Can I interest you in a cup?"

"Thank you, Captain," Sonak offered, as he settled into the offered seat. "A green tea would be most welcome." The Vulcan watched as the Captain moved off to prepare their tea's, before casting his gaze around the ready room. The Captain had minimal decorations, and few personal effects on display. He had come to observe from his previous Commanding Officers that the way they adorned their offices revealed some detail about them, although in truth, he hadn't studied the data enough to really know if there was any factual evidence in his observations.

The Captain's minimalist approach to her decorations suggested to him that she intended to distinguish this office as a work space, to differentiate it from what she may have on display in her quarters. It might also suggest that what was on display aided her to focus, when at work. After a moment, he shook away the thought. It wasn't his place to analyse his new Captain, and that certainly wasn't why he was there.

Returning from the replicator she placed a teapot and two cups on the desk. "So then Commander. I see you've been a Chief of Science before. What brings you to the Ermiana?" she asked curiously as she began to pour out the tea.

"Specifically the Ermiana, Captain?" Sonak asked, somewhat inquisitively, before proceeding to answer the question anyway. "When I submitted my intention to resume active service and leave Starfleet Academy, this assignment was selected for me by Starfleet Command."

Mikoto smiled. "Well, being assigned to a Galaxy Class is still considered one of the most prestigious assignments within the fleet. She poured out two cups of tea. "I guess that means you know what you're doing."

This seemed to be an odd expression Sonak. His service record should clearly indicate that he had the relevant experience and qualifications for the role to which he had been assigned. "If you require, Captain," Sonak began, "I can offer additional detail on any notes of interest in my service record." Perhaps there's was something from his historical file that wasn't clear. Record administrators, he had observed, often neglected to include supporting information.

Mikoto held up a hand. "No that's alright." She replied as she took a sip of her tea. "I think you'll find the Ermianas science facilities impressive. We have some of the most advanced science labs and equipment aboard, I take it you've been briefed on them?"

Sonak nodded, "Indeed I have Captain." His most recent prior starship assignment was aboard the USS Canada, a Nebula-class starship, which itself shared significant similarities with the Galaxy-class, however the Ermiana was certainly more advanced, being newly commissioned. "I am anticipating that there will be significant opportunity for scientific discovery aboard this vessel."

"That's the plan. Although compared to earlier Galaxy Class Starship, the Ermiana has more teeth in the form of weaponry," Mikoto nodded. "I think Starfleet realised their flaws in the design."

"This appears to be the order of things, Captain," Sonak replied. "As I understand, these improvements will also be rolled out to the currently in service Galaxy's as well." That was normal, of course. New innovations should be retrofitted into active duty vessels, but this was often limited on the cost effectiveness of such.

"Indeed. It does go to show the versatility of the class." The Captain responded. "Speaking of which, I want you to fully inspect and go over the science department with a fine tooth comb. If you find anything you want improving or need, I want to know about it. I want every department on this ship in top shape!"

Sonak could understand the logic of the Captain's request, although why one would use a grooming utensil for such a task seemed odd. He surmised that this was likely a human idiom, whose origins were likely lost. "I will see to it, Captain," the Vulcan responded with a nod.

"Good, that'll be all, Dismissed," Misaka said in response.

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