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Yet more trouble

Posted on Sat Jul 30th, 2022 @ 2:23am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Elliot Glenn Dr & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Alice Kendall

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Bridge

The klaxons of Red Alert sounded as the Ermiana shook violently, bright green disruptor fire bouncing off the ships shields from the Klingom Vor'cha class cruiser. The older vessel had unleashed a barrage of weapons fire against the Galaxy Class without warning. However kit wasn't like before, now it was continuous and seemed more aggressive.

Captain Misaka stumbled from the shaking as she rushed onto the bridge from her ready room. "What the hell?" She said noticing the Klingon ship zig zapping on the view screen.

"Open a hailing frequency. I'd rather not fire on them if I can prevent it" she ordered.

Mac looked at the Captain with a sigh she hated the way some Klingons looked at her. She looked around and sighed she hoped that nothing would go disastrously wrong.

From the ops console Zon took a split second to tap the communications button, "Hailing frequencies open Captain," he said before returning to adjusting the ship's shields which had snapped on as programmed before the blast hit the ship.

"This is Captain Misaka. Stand down or we will be forced to return fire" she said hoping that Captain Kulagh would listen to her. After all the Ermiana could easily out gun the older Klingon Vessel.

The Klingon vessel fired again, the disruptor fire bouncing off of the Ermiana's shields again, causing the Galaxy Class to shake from the impact.

"I guess thats my answer" Mikoto sighed as she crossed her arms in the center of the bridge. "Commander, lock phasers on that vessel. Aim to disable their weapons array" she ordered.

Cayne's hands darted across the console, his left moving a bit faster than the other, as he locked onto the Klingon ship and returned fire. A few shots from the phasers went out to the Klingon ship, hitting it their shields before a volley of photon torpedoes followed. "Their shields are weakening. A few more shots and we'll be able to hit their hull, Captain."

Glenn heard the Red Alert, and not really knowing what else to do with himself, he headed to the bridge. What use exactly he would be, he wasn't certain, but he at least thought that the bridge seemed to be the right place. As he stepped off the turbolift, he realized that he wasn't even sure where the right place for him was. He walked past the aft section, looking the readouts on the consoles on the back wall, before turning and coming further forward, coming to stand to the right of the Tactical Officer.

Darius looked over to Glenn, before looking back to his console. "You picked a bad time to make a house call, Doctor." Suddenly the ship lurched and, as if by instinct, Darius gripped the top of the console with his left hand while throwing his right out to grab the counselor to keep him from falling over. Once they were steady he let go of the doctor, and console, and continued to monitor the tactical readouts.

Elliot steadied himself. "Thank you laddie," he offered the Tactical Officer, "perhaps I'd be better off taking a seat." He headed for the port side bridge stations, where he settled into an unoccupied station. Whilst he'd had very little starship combat experience, he had become familiar with some of the procedures of a battle. He accessed the ships live status systems, particularly monitoring the live bio-sign readings of the crew. At this moment, those readings showed that the crew were mostly healthy, or at least, as healthy as they usually were, but this would give him access to the data when that changed, such as providing injury lists or casualty reports.

The ship lurched, sending Dr. Kendall stumbling into a Biobed. Brushing a strand of hair out of her face, the doctor called, All medical personnel, prepare for casualties!” She had no idea what the situation on the bridge might be, but she knew her place was in sickbay. Looks like I’ll get the chance to test out my medical teams performance under pressure, instead of giving leisurely physicals, she thought. If only it could have been under less dangerous circumstances. She gulped.

Mikoto gritted her teeth as more disruptor fire struck the shields. "This has gone far enough" she said. "Take us out of orbit. Full impulse bearing two three zero mark twelve" she ordered. "Swing us around their rear and aim for their weaker aft shielding. Vor'Cha class cruisers have one common flaw, their aft shielding is weaker around their impulse exhausts" Mikoto said.

"Fire" Mikoto ordered.

The Galaxy Class Phasers darted across the void of space striking the Vor'cha class. The Klingon ship took a good few hits from the Ermiana before it started to leak plasma from the exhaust ports.

"Looks like we got them" Mikoto said proudly. "Have all decks report their status"

The ship shook again as the Klingons opened a barrage of disruptor fire from their aft turrets.

"They don't give up do they..." Mikoto sighed. "Can you do anything about their weapons?"

"Captain" the officer from the starboard science station called out before Cayne could answer. "I'm detecting a Trilithium signature from the Klingon Vessel. It appears to be localised in their..." he stopped and checked his readings. "In their forward torpedo launcher. Captain, it appears to be some sort of Trilithium probe!"

Mikoto froze. She recalled that Dr Soran had a similar device which he used to destroy the Amagosa star. She turned to the viewscreen to see the Vor'cha class ship launch a bright orange probe.

Glenn first looked to the Science Officer, sitting somewhat opposite him on the bridge, before sparing a glance towards the Captain, and then finally to the viewscreen. He stood, coming to stand alongside her.

"Chase that probe! Full impulse now!" Mikoto ordered. "Lock on phasers and destroy it!"

The Ermiana powered up her three impulse engines and picked up speed, flying over the Klingon ship chasing the probe, its phasers firing in quick succession.

Several of the shots missed, some of them narrowly scraping the probes outer casing. However the Ermiana couldn't get a proper shot on the small fast moving target. The probe struck the surface of the star, however it broke up in the intense heat causing it to collapse on itself.

"Looks like they didn't make the probe strong enough to actually work" Mikoto sighed. "Turn us around, those Klingons have some questions to answer..." she said simply.

The Ermiana banked and headed back towards the planet.


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