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Command Challenge

Posted on Fri Dec 24th, 2021 @ 8:28am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Klingon Bridge


The doors to the Klingon Bridge opened as Dontoc walked in, dragging Kulagh's body behind him. Kyamo, his Jackel Mastiff, behind them. Watching the Captain like a beast ready to pounce on its prey after it was finished playing with it. The ships bridge crew all rose from their seats, watching the scene as it transpired, reaching for their weapons just in case.

Once in the middle of the bridge, Dontoc released the Kingon Captain's body and walked away, looking around at the crew who had begun to bear witness. "Your Captain is a filthy petaQ! Not worth of the honor of his house or his crew!" He removed the disruptor from his belt and continued to look around. "You have all been lied to by this Ferengi in a Klingon Uniform!"

Kyrian, the ships science officer stepped forward. "What are these lies?" he demanded.

"Lies?!?!" Dontoc shouted as he looked to the science officer. He growled slightly, prompting Kyamo to do the same, before walking over to a console. "Hear the words from his own mouth. Tell me if these are lies."

The computer began to recite some of the Klingon Captains words, secretly recorded back in the crew quarters. " I am concerned regarding the Federation Starship in this system, their Galaxy Class easily beats this vessel."There was a slight pause as the recording then continued."Our next course of action; take on a heavily armed vessel with no chance of survival! To die dishonourably! And reside in Grethor" Another brief pause fell upon the bridge. "To reclaiming the Empire under the House of Gowron!"

"Not only was this cowardly targ going to rob you all of an honorable death. Not only does he seek favor in the House of Gowron. He does not think you all, his crew, is not good enough to take on a Federation Starship. Not warrior enough to hold your own in combat." Dontoc looked around the room and shouted before facing Kulagh as he aimed his disruptor at him. "His heart does not beat like a warriors heart!"

Kulagh's arm rose from the floor and found the side of a nearby free-standing console. Slowly he pulled himself up from the floor. He managed to stand to full height, coughing slightly as he tried to clear some of the bloodwine from his lungs. The intoxicating effect on him wasn't helping his stature as he stood leaning on the console for support.

"You believe this man?!" he bellowed to his crew. "The PetaQ on this ship is him. I have been your Captain since the start!" he drew his d'k tahg from his belt and held it out infront of him. "Those are all lies, manipulation using our computer to alter the words from my mouth. He is the dishonourable one!"

Dontoc smiled as he looked into Kulagh's eyes. "Do you deny saying that your heart was not in this mission?!!" He shouted in anger.

"I did say that" Kulagh spat back. "However, I said my heart was not in a mission where victory was far from reach! There's a difference between honourable and hopeless combat!" his voice was slightly raised. He stared right into Dontoc's eye before looking around at the crew. "We all know that this ship is not matched for that one out there. Do we follow this fool and die without honour? Or follow me and live to fight another battle?" he asked looking around.

"A Battle is a battle" One of the Klingons said, this one a female stepping forward. She seemed younger than most, and she wore the insignia on her uniform of being the chief weapons officer. "We are Klingon. Is it not true that a single Bird of Prey destroyed the Federations precious Starship Enterprise" she asked holding her head high. "So, why can we not do the same?" her eyes met Kulaghs. "Prove to me we can not win, or else the call of battle is the one I follow!"

"You deny these warriors an honorable death by already deciding they can't complete the task! Who are you to make that choice for a Klingon?!!" Dontoc raised his voice as he eased his disruptor back into his belt. "To deny them a battle, to deny them a good death, is to deny them a place among their ancestors in Sto'Vo'Kor!" He pointed at Kulagh and said, with a grin. "Instead of fighting the Federation and taking the information... you decided to sneak in like a... dirty Romulan dog."

Kulagh growled. "I did what was necessary to achieve the results that you..." he pointed back with the tip of his knife forward at Dontoc "...demanded!" he paused keeping the knife in front of him. "How dare you compare me to those slimy Romulan cowards! We tried to force our way onto that wreck, only to be rebuffed with weapons fire!" he growled. However Dontoc was quicker, as his dagger penetrated deep into Kulaghs body.

"What... is... your goal... here...?" He never got an answer as he slipped away to the afterlife of Sto'Vo'Kor...


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