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Captains Log - Cleaning Up Epilogue

Posted on Sat Jul 30th, 2022 @ 2:31am by Captain Mikoto Misaka

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Ready Room

Captain Misaka stepped into her ready room and sat down behind her desk, she sighed and then reached forward and tapped the desk computer.

Captains Log.

Its been several days since the Klingon ship attempted to fire a Trilithium probe into the Veridian Star. From what we have determined, the probe broke up and wasn't able to withstand the intense heat. We can only assume that the Klingons didn't have the materials or shielding needed to protect it.

We don't know if the probe would have actually worked. If it had then we may have all been dead now, plus the civilization on the fourth planet would have also been wiped out. I am glad that the probe didn't cause the star to go supernova. A Klingon defence force vessel arrived yesterday and have taken the Duras vessel into custody, apparently they are wanted for crimes against the Empire, both Klingons vessels departed earlier. I'm not sure what will come of the Klingon crew, but they did cause lots of problems for us here.

As for our mission. The last of the componants from the Enterprise are being brought aboard later this afternoon. Our cargo bays are full to the brim with everything we had to salvage. Some of the stand alone equipment has also been put to use on the Ermiana. I have been advised that all that is really left of her now is the basic spaceframe and outer hull. According to the engineers, its all 'Scrap metal' now.

Starfleet want us to drop off most of these componants at Starbase Fourty Three to be transported back to the shipyards. Apparently much of the Enterprise's technology and parts can be reused in new vessels or in refits. Its such a shame to see a legendary vessel such as the Enterprise being broken apart and after only seven years of service. I hope that the Ermiana lasts longer than seven years, she's a good ship and is solidly built, I hope I can command her for a long time.

Regardless, this is my last log for this mission. We have seven days to drop off our cargo and then I have been assured we will be recieving new orders from command. I feel this this was a test of my ability to command, and although it has taken longer than expected, I am hoping our next assignment goes smoother.

End Log


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