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Lieutenant Alice Kendall

Name Alice Madison Kendall

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Risian
Age 32
Date of Birth Jan. 26, 2338
Place of Birth Risa
Sexuality Bi-Sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5/9
Weight 124
Hair Color pink/changes color often
Eye Color blue
Physical Description long hair, defined features. Toned, hourglass figure. Beautiful.


Partner none
Relationship Status Single
Father King Eskot III
Mother Queen Meredith I
Brother(s) Sessex Kendall
Sister(s) Valentine Kendall
Elizabeth Kendall
Sapphire Kendall
Jalyne Kendall
Jessica Kendall

Personality & Traits

General Overview Bubbly, a ditz. However, when it comes to medicine there is no equal. Alice doesn't take herself to seriously, but her life revolves around her work. Minoring in Botany, Alice also has a love for foreign, rare species of flora. Being born and raised on a pleasure planet, Alice still somewhat see's the world through the eyes of a species who's sole purpose is to spread and cultivate pleasure in all of its forms. Not used to humanities prudishness, she often finds herself in awkward situations with her crew.
Aware of her stunning beauty and proud of it, Alice obsesses over fashion and usually has the latest outfits from fashion shows around the quadrant, being royalty has its advantages. However, it was her royalty that made the Academy hell. Constantly being told that 'mommy and daddy bought her in' and that she was just a 'Risian whore.' Even her own parents disowned her after she refused a life of luxury for that of a cold ship. But ever since she was little, Alice had always wanted to be with the stars. An outcast from the start, Alice grew up reading books rather than doing other things that Risians did for fun. When she turned 17, she left Risa for the Academy, graduating with a near perfect score in Medicine and Botany. She went on to receive certificates in both those fields.
Strengths & Weaknesses -Compassionate
-Tries to make a relationship with every crewmember
-Earned McCoy Medal of Healing
-knows sign language
-Extensive knowledge of the worlds arts
-Tries to do more work so her nurses have more free time to enjoy
-Has extensive knowledge of the worlds plants
-Not used to conflict
-Doesn't like raised voices
-fish out of water
-worries a bit to much about things that she shouldn't be
-needs to feel clean at all times
-gets emotional easily
Ambitions She feels its her destiny to prevent as much discomfort as possible. She joined StarFleet for this purpose and because she wants to be more than just a stupid princess. She wants recognition and respect.
Hobbies & Interests Botany. Keeps sickbay decorated with her plants from around the quadrants. Spends free time at the VIP lounge, listening to the music. Expert at 4D chess. Loves dressing up. Loves romance novels. Keeps a keen interest and worry for all her crewmates. Has a strange romantic interest in Vulcans.

Personal History Covered most above.

Disowned royalty
many sisters, one brother
Service Record Served on a freighter after graduation. After begging for a reassignment, she finally got one after curing the crew of a mystery illness. Making her the youngest recipient of the McCoy Medal of Healing.
With her choice of any ship in the fleet, she begged for a shot at the Enterprise. Unfortunately, their CMO was already a legend herself. She was denied and stationed on the YesterYear, a ship known for its abundance of Vulcans. She stayed about for four years until she was stationed at a medical base near the Romulan Neutral Zone. As the Dominion War heated up, she pleaded for a CMO position aboard a starship. StarFleet obliged, stationing her on the Ermiana.