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Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor

Name Mackenzie "Mac" Rae Taylor

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species human/ betazoid
Age 35
Date of Birth Topeka. Kansas, USA, Earth
Place of Birth 04/04/2236
Sexuality Bi-Sexual

Physical Appearance

Height 4'10
Weight 130 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color teal
Physical Description Mackenzie is a small toned woman who the most distinctive teal eyes. She has a tattoo on her arm and one on her leg of a rose in the shape of a heart.


Partner Lt Scott Carpenter Tracy (Chief Flight Conntrol Officer)
Relationship Status In a Relationship
Children None
Father James Taylor
Mother Rear Admiral (lower half) Mackenzie Taylor
Brother(s) Lt Matthew James Tomas Jr Earth Security
Sister(s) Lt Rae-anna Taylor (pilot USS Endeavour)
LTCDR Cassiday Anna Taylor (CMO USS Los Angeles)
Other Family Jeff Tracy
Lucille Tracy
Virgil Grissom Tracy (Nurse Lt. USS Enterprise D
John Glenn Tracy
Gordon Cooper Tracy
Alan Shepard Tracy
Ruth Tracy

Personality & Traits

Ambitions to become the best Co she can be and work up the ranks
Hobbies & Interests dancing, playing the piano, singing, Tia chi

Service Record Current posting
USS Ermiana Executive Officer - Lieutenant Commander 2371- present

Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards Lead Engineer - Lieutenant Commander 2368 -2371 (Mac took the command Test in 2370)
USS Azamon (Ambassador Class) Assistant Chief Engineer - Chief Engineer Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant 2364 - 2368
Uss Andromeda (Miranda Class) Engineer - Assistant Chief Engineer - Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade 2358 - 2364
Attended Starfleet Academy 2353-2357 studied engineering