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The first assignment, Operation Enterprise

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 11:30pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Darius Cayne & Lieutenant Commander Avram Bradford Dr. & Lieutenant Callum McDowell & Lieutenant Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz
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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Observation Lounge

With the Ermiana currently en route to the Veridian System, Mikoto made her way casually into the curved observation lounge that spanned the rear of the bridge on deck one. It was time to officially brief the senior officers on the mission specifics. She tapped the PADD she was carrying on her hand as she walked.

The doors swished open and she entered the room. This was her first mission as a Captain and she wanted it to go smoothly and correctly without any issues. The room was empty at the moment, so she placed the PADD down at the head of the table in front of her seat.

"Coffee, cream and two sugars," she said to the replicator. The beverage was replicated quickly and Mikoto took the silver cup it came in from the small hatch before standing by the rectangular display console behind her seat.

Mac walked in from Engineering looking like she had been dragged through hell and covered in grime. "Captain," she said with a smile. "How are you?"

"Better than you it seems..." Mikoto replied noticing the woman's uniform and tired expression. "Has it been that busy down below deck?"

Mac looked at the captain "Nothing a good shower and sleep won't cure. Sorry for the way I look." she said she walked over to the replicator and a black coffee extra sweet and sat at the right of her Captain sipping her coffee.

Lieutenant McDowell was next to enter, this time from the Bridge and with a PADD in his hand. He nodded to the Captain and XO in silent greeting. Like the Captain, his first task was to replicate himself a drink, in Callum's case it was a herbal tea blend; mango & pineapple with ginseng root. Once it had been created with the usual shower of sparkles and high pitched hum, he picked it up and carried it to his seat, located roughly halfway along the table.

Pete entered the conference room and settled into an open chair. "Ma'am," He said with a slight smile. He flipped open his note pad and the top page reminded him of something. "Captain, before I forget. I'll have somebody up to your cabin today to fix that faucet you mentioned in your note."

"Good to hear," Mikoto said with a slight smile. "Although she's new, it seems we still have teething problems. That was one of them. Can't say I enjoyed being sprayed with cold water the other morning."

"I've run into more than a few in the last week," Pete said with a shrug. "The best one we've had so far is cargo bay 6. I have no clue how they manage to pull this off, but when they installed the proximity sensor for the main door, they installed it upside down. So the further away you were, the door opened, you get closer it would close upon you. I had to transport somebody into the cargo bay to disable it. I'm just glad no one was hurt before it was fixed."

Mikoto simply smirked. "That almost sounds like it was an Engineers prank" she commented.

"You know engineers," McDowell chipped in with a smirk, "they love a good practical joke."

Zon stepped into the room quietly from the back entrance. He wasn't late perse but he knew he was the last senior officer there. Today consisted of nothing but meetings since the wee hours. He gave a quick nod to the Captain before sitting down.

Once everyone had arrived, Mikoto finally sat down at the end of the chair and raised a hand to signal that she wanted to start. A moment of silence fell upon the room.

"I trust that you've all had a little time to report into your departments, cross the T's and dot the I's etc" she said simply as she looked around at them all. "Our first mission is a fairly simple one" she explained to them. "We're en route to Veridian Three. Once we are there we will be retrieving all sensitive technology, equipment and data from the crashed saucer section of the late Starship Enterprise"

Mac was shocked as she looked at the captain but said nothing.

"Sounds like quite an undertaking, it will take some creative maneuvering to store the materials we would encounter over there," Zon said. The ship was already stuffed with all sorts of spare parts, industrial replicators, etc. in preparation for a deep space mission. The part of his job he found the most challenging was being the warehouse manager.

"I've got a breakdown for you all. We're all going to be busy with lots of things going on at once" Mikoto explained as she picked up her PADD and switched to the briefing itinerary she had prepared. She had an assignment for each department head who will pass down the orders and come up with their solutions.

"First off. Lieutenant McDowell. As you already know we have been given five brand new Danube Class Runabouts. Your main focus throughout this assignment is the safe transportation of people, supplies and equipment to and from the wreck. We can use transporters where necessary, however, some of the more delicate items that can't be transported will need to be brought up in auxiliary craft. Plus the engineers will be needing our workbee's and cargo craft to remove larger pieces of equipment" she explained. "The Runabouts are modular, so you can fit whatever modules you wish. Also, be aware that the Enterprise's shuttles, runabouts and lifeboats will all need to be removed and brought to the Ermiana. You'll be doing a lot of back and forth flying I'm afraid".

Callum sat forward and looked along the length of the conference table at the Captain. "I've already begun laying the groundwork. My pilots are working to install the cargo modules in the Runabouts. We'll be ready to run high tempo operations once we reach orbit." He assured her.

"Good to hear" Mikoto replied as she checked the next item on the agenda.

Mikoto then turned her attention to the Andorian Operations Officer. "Lieutenant th'Tetz. As Operations you'll be tasked with removing all software from the Enterprise. The wreck has limited power as far as I have been told. You'll have to find a way to boost that and download the entire computer core and all of its data. You also need to remove all console data as well and operating systems. If any of this falls into enemy hands it could mean they find a way to hack Starfleet Systems. Also, you may want to assist Engineering in the removal of computer technology as well."

"Understood, we have several spare batteries on the ship which will generate more than enough to power the main and backup computer cores," Zon responded, "The only snag we may run into is if we have to make repairs to either."

Mikoto nodded in response acknowledging the Andorians reply. The Ermiana was well suited for this sort of mission, she just hoped that this new crew would do her justice.

"Which leads me on you, Lieutenant Carter. You've got one of the biggest jobs, unfortunately. We've got a large deployment of the corps of engineers on board. They'll be meeting up with the civilian contractors that will be there to remove all systems on the ship. I'm sure you've never removed Starship systems before, so it should be noted that Starfleet wants as many of the Enterprise's systems intact upon removal. Many of it can be recycled into new starships or broke down for its key parts. Everything from light fittings to the fusion generators" Mikoto explained to the chief engineer.

Pete was already scribbling notes, Mikoto had to clear her throat to get his attention. "Sorry Captain, we'll strip her to the bulkheads if need be. I've got a few ideas, but I want to flesh them out with Mr. th'Tetz and McDowell, before getting your blessing."

Mikoto nodded. "By all means" she replied. "You three should be working closely together anyways, this is going to be a team effort."

Zon gave a nod, "That may be the easier way to sort out the particulars," he agreed.

McDowell gave a silent nod of acknowledgement.

"Doctor Bradford. I'd like medical on full alert during this process. No doubt we'll be seeing more than a fair few injuries while we dismantle the ship. You should set up a medical station on the planet. Also, the medical facilities on the Enterprise were as vast as our own. I would like you to oversee the dismantlement of them, also make sure that any medical data is downloaded to the Ermiana. I'm sure you'd love to get into Doctor Crushers Medical Files they're something short of legendary..." Mikoto told him.

"That would be, to put it mildly, an understatement Captain. I'll endeavor to make sure that all medical data is properly recovered." Avram replied with a bit of a smile. "Permission to earmark some of the equipment for our own Sickbay?"

"If it can be salvaged and you let Starfleet Medical know, I don't see a problem with that doctor" Mikoto replied.

"Lastly" Mikoto looked over at the only Lieutenant Commander in gold at the table. "Commander Cayne. This is a big operation that doesn't just involve us. Several civilian contractors will be brought in to help with the salvage operation. As chief of security, you are to ensure that nothing goes missing. Everything from the Enterprise's Saucer needs to be checked off the planet and checked in on this ship, or the correct salvage cargo vessel. Starfleet is adamant that not one item, right down to the nuts and bolts is to go missing. I don't need to remind any of you that if some of this technology falls into the hands of the Romulans, or even those new Dominion it wouldn't be good for any of us" Mikoto explained her voice stern and steady. "The first thing you need to do is ensure that all weapons are off that ship, from hand phasers to the main phaser array. Those are a top priority"

"Now then" Mikoto had said her bit and given out the specifics. "Now you all have your assignments. Do any of you have any questions or concerns? I suggest raising them here and now, get them in the open as there won't be time for it later" she asked.

"One question that will determine a lot of ma'am. You said we'll be dealing with civilian contractors on this one. How many hands are we looking at?" Carter asked.

"Starfleet have yet to send me those details" Mikoto replied. "But I imagine that there will be a fair few. That's why we need to supervise this effort"

A moment of silent pause fell upon the room before Mikoto spoke up again.

"We have a lot to do, luckily we've got a little time before we arrive. Use that time wisely to prepare. Dismissed" Mikoto said simply.

Zon picked up his PaDD from the table and headed towards the door. The Andorian scratched the base of his left antenna as he went.

With his own PADD in hand, Callum headed out the door that would lead back to the Bridge.

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