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Lieutenant Callum McDowell

Name Callum John McDowell

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32
Date of Birth 14 May 2339
Place of Birth Baltimore, Maryland, Earth
Sexuality Homosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 76kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description With his thick black hair, deep brown eyes and boyish smile, Callum is a good-looking young man and is very aware of it. At 5 foot 10 inches, he is roughly average in height and likes to keep himself in shape. He is usually found with a few days-worth of facial hair growth which his rarely shaves, preferring to keep it trim. His older sister refers to this as his ‘designer scruff’.


Relationship Status Single
Father Captain Martin McDowell, M.D. (Retired) - A retired Starfleet Medical Officer, Doctor McDowell is now in private practice on Earth.
Mother Charlotte McDowell, LLB – A successful lawyer, Charlotte is nearing retirement age and looking forward to a more leisurely pace of life.
Sister(s) Lieutenant Commander Pippa De Luca – A Tactical Officer currently serving at Starfleet Tactical on Earth.
Other Family Lieutenant Commander Angelo De Luca, SCE – An Engineer currently serving with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers based out of SCE Headquarters in San Francisco.

Personality & Traits

General Overview It would be fair to say that Callum is a typical pilot; confident to the point of cockiness. As a result of this he can be a little reckless, taking unnecessary risks because he believes he’s good enough to succeed each time. He’s received a number of warnings and reprimands, both formal and informal, but none of these have tempered his confidence.

Standoffish at first, Callum prefers to keep people at arms-length. He maintains a formality with fellow officers to begin with and only over time will shift to using first names. Even then he maintains a certain distance. Very few make it close enough for him to really open up.

Callum is easily irritated, and he has difficulty masking this. It is when irritated that he is at his most forthright and he has no fear of speaking his mind, whether it is appropriate or not.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Skilled Pilot
+ Confident
+ Athletic
+ Experienced Legal Officer

- Reckless
- Standoffish
- Easily Irritated
- Forthright
Ambitions Having already achieved his first ambition, to pilot a Galaxy-class Starship, Callum’s eyes have now settled upon the centre of the Bridge. He wants to earn a command of his own in the next decade and possibly continue on to the Flag Ranks after a few years in the centre chair.
Hobbies & Interests An active person, many of Callum’s hobbies are physical ones; he loves to swim, his greatest love after flying, and tries to spend at least an hour a day in the water. His love of swimming also led him to take up surfing as a teenager and he still tries to visit some of the best surfing locations during his shoreleave. As a child, Callum’s parents took hiking and camping holidays on various Federation worlds. He loved these holidays and continues to hike and rock climb as an adult. In addition to a daily visit to the holodeck for a swim, Callum also spends some of his time in the gym.

Away from his active pursuits, Callum has always been a lover of music, particularly classical music and musical theatre of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries. He will often unwind by listening to a piece or music. When particularly frustrated he will spend a few hours playing the cello or piano. Reading is also a favourite pastime, with a particular emphasis on classical literature, political and military history.

Personal History Callum John McDowell, CJ to his family and close friends, was born on 14 May 2339 to Martin and Charlotte McDowell. The couple already had a four-year-old daughter, Pippa, and they felt that having a son completed their family unit.

From an early age Callum knew that he wanted to fly starships. He was briefly drawn towards the idea of being a fighter pilot but a tour of the Ambassador-class Starship that his father served on persuaded him that flying capital ships was what he wanted to do.

During his childhood, his mother encouraged him to take up a musical instrument, something that she regretted not doing. He eventually settled on the piano and began lessons when he was 7. He enjoyed this so much that when he was 11 he added cello lessons to his schooling and continues to practice both instruments well into adulthood, finding them excellent ways to work out his anger and frustrations.

When he turned 18 in 2357, Callum applied to Starfleet Academy to begin his journey towards taking the helm of one of Starfleet’s capital ships. He passed the entrance exam easily enough and began classes soon after. With his father having prepared him for the transition from civilian life to the more regimented life of a Starfleet Officer, Callum found the transition a smooth one.

While the theoretical groundwork of his flight training was laid during the first year, Callum was eager, more like impatient, to get behind the controls of a ship. He studied hard to make sure that when the time came, he was ready. Practical flight training began for real in the second year and this is where Callum really excelled. His instructors were impressed with his abilities but worried that he seemed reckless. They tried to counsel the young Cadet on this but little of their advice made it through. Even so, Callum graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2361 with a bachelor’s degree in propulsion systems engineering and was commissioned an Ensign.

Newly commissioned, Ensign McDowell was assigned to the Miranda-class starship U.S.S. Aurora as a Shuttle Pilot. This was disappointing to the young Ensign. He thought he’d be getting behind the controls of a Starship, not maintaining shuttles and only occasionally getting to fly. Worse still, Callum was assigned to Delta Shift, when there was rarely anything going on. Because of this Callum decided to take a distance learning course in law just to pass the time, qualifying as a Legal Officer in 2367.

After six months, he was promoted to Gamma Shift and given the chance to spend one shift a week on the Bridge as a relief officer. This was his chance to prove himself capable of more than piloting shuttles and he absolutely took it.
Service Record 2357 – 2358
Cadet 1st Year | Flight School
Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus)

2358 – 2359
Cadet 2nd Year | Flight School
Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus)

2359 – 2360
Cadet 3rd Year | Flight School
Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus)

2360 – 2361
Cadet 4th Year | Flight School
Starfleet Academy (San Francisco Campus)

2361 – 2361
Ensign | Shuttle Pilot
U.S.S. Aurora (Miranda-class Starship)

2361 – 2362
Ensign | Shuttle Pilot/Relief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Aurora (Miranda-class Starship)

2362 – 2363
Ensign | Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Aurora (Miranda-class Starship)

2363 – 2365
Lieutenant Junior Grade | Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Aurora (Miranda-class Starship)

2365 – 2366
Lieutenant Junior Grade | Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Aurora (Miranda-class Starship)

2366 – 2368
Lieutenant | Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Farragut (Nebula-class Starship)

2368 – 2371
Lieutenant | Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Farragut (Nebula-class Starship)

2371 – Present
Lieutenant | Chief Flight Control Officer
U.S.S. Ermiana (Galaxy-class Starship)