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Engineers working together

Posted on Mon Jul 6th, 2020 @ 4:20pm by Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Main Engineering

Mac arrived in Engineering and waited for Lieutenant Cater. She felt more comfortable.

Pete forced himself to stop outside the main entrance to Engineering and take a moment. He had a fair idea of what was coming next. Yes, he knew Taylor lead the design team, but he didn't know her or the ship as he'd like. And that is where the problems would lay in. "Quincannon, give me a fast update! The bridge has the balls to the wall already and we're barely out the Sol system yet."

Tina Quincannon was the senior Chief on duty. She looked at her station quickly. "A bounce or two since we passed warp 6, other than that, she's been full and bye, sir."

"Thank you, Chief." Pete stood still and glanced around and crossed his arms. "Commander Taylor. A word if I may?" Pete asked gesturing behind the core, he never liked using an office. If he needed to talk to somebody he'd rather it be in a Jeffries Tube or something.

Mac simply nodded and followed the Chief. "Of course you can ... What the issue?"

Pete took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "Commander, I know that you lead the design and primary construction teams for the Ermiana. However, this engine doesn't even have a thousand light-years on her yet. More importantly, and excuse my way of saying this. As an engineer yourself, I hope you'll understand my meaning. I, don't, know, this ship." Pete leaned against the handrail that ran around the core. "For me to do my job at the best that I know how, I need to know this ship like I know the body of the woman I am making love too."

"Didn't you get the schematics for the ship?" Mac asked as she had her PADD in her hand.

Pete nodded back. "Yes, ma'am I did." He sighed softly. "But blueprints and stats don't always tell you everything. It's like any other report, there are always things left out. Nothing personal."

Mac smiled "None taken Peter. What do you want to know?"

"Nothing offhand Commander. But if I think of anything I'll be sure to ask." Just as Pete said that the vibration in the handrail changed. "We're dropping to impulse."

"I must head back to the bridge." Mac Said

Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie 'Mac' Taylor
Executive Officer


Lieutenant Peter Carter Jr
Cheif Engineer


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