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Ermiana Enters the Field (Part 1)

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 5:45pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Avram Bradford Dr. & Lieutenant Callum McDowell & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz
Edited on on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 5:46pm

1,144 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Bridge

(08:50 Hours)

Mikoto stepped out onto the bridge. The Ermiana was to officially launch at 09:00 as scheduled. There was still a few crew to come aboard, most notably a Chief Medical Officer, however, they would meet the ship at Veridian 3 or en route. Now, however, the eyes of most of The Federation through the Federation News Service were watching. It was a momentous moment as Starfleet launches the Ermiana one of the most advanced Galaxy Class starships to date. With the loss of the USS Odyssey and USS Enterprise, the addition of the Ermiana was welcomed by the citizens.

"Commander," Mikoto said addressing Taylor. "Have all stations check-in, prepare for departure. I want this ship departing on time to the second" she ordered as she walked over to the centre chair in the slightly raised command section located in the direct centre if the spacious bridge.

"All department report in for launch," She said as she tapped her comm badge. She smiled as she took her seat next to the Captain.

Darius stood at the main tactical console. He tapped in to get the status of all the systems before placing his hand onto the glass. "Tactical systems are all at the ready, Captain."

"Helm ready," Callum announced from Flight Control. "All umbilicals retracted, moorings cleared, port and starboard thrusters at station keeping." He monitored the power output of the thrusters, made sure the computer was maintaining their position relative to the drydock and occasionally made an adjustment as necessary.

A call came through the communication system, "Engineering to Bridge. I just need to kick the last of the construction personnel out of my engine room, and we'll be good to go." Carter said making last-minute tweaks.

Avram entered the bridge, hands behind his back as per usual. "Medical reports ready for departure, Captain." he announced, answering the comms call in person. He then walked over to one of the normally unmanned science stations at the back of the bridge, and sat on the included stool, turning so he had a good view of the bridge and the main view screen.

(09:00 Hours)

"Right then," Mikoto said a smile creeping across her face. "Lieutenant McDowell. Take her out, one quarter thruster power. Set course for the Veridian System and engage at warp eight once we're clear of the solar system" Mikoto ordered simply, her hands gripping the edge of her command chair. This was always a nerving moment for every crew.

Callum's fingers instantly began dancing across the surface of his console. "Thrusters ahead one quarter, aye." He slowly increased power to the aft thrusters, pushing the mighty Galaxy-class ship forward. It didn't take long for the Ermiana to clear her drydock. "We are clear and free to navigate." The Lieutenant announced and quickly added, "Laying in a course for Veridian Three and increasing speed to one-quarter impulse until we're clear of the shipyards."

"Good work Lieutenant" Mikoto smiled. She looked to her right at Mackenzie. "Are you ready to test those warp engines?" she asked with a slight grin.

Mac had the hugest grin on her face "of course Captain." Mac said trying to stifle a laugh.

Carter had just stepped onto the bridge and was stepping to the station on the fringes of the deck. "McDowell, take it easy on my engines, please. Those damn dock engineers were monkeying with things until the very last second." He said with a deep grunt. "We haven't gotten them to where I want them yet."

Turning her attention back to the viewscreen Mikoto stared out into the starfield in front of them. What was beyond them was endless space, opportunities and places to explore, see and discover. "Let's see what this newly improved Galaxy Class Starship can do shall we?" she asked looking around. "Lieutenant, scrap the warp eight. I want to see what you can get her up to without breaking anything"

"Aye, Captain," McDowell replied with a smirk. He'd already increased power to the impulse engines, pushing the Ermiana to flank speed and she was minutes from the edge of the Sol system. Taking the Galaxy-class ship to the edge of her speed capabilities was an exciting prospect for the young pilot. The journey to the edge of the system seemed to take hours but finally, Callum announced, "We're clearing the Sol System. Engaging warp engines."

The second he engaged the warp engines, the vibrations of the deck shifted subtly. "Warp one." He called out as she continued to accelerate quickly past that. Keeping one eye on the warp field geometry, he watched as the speed continued to climb. Warp Five...Warp Six...Warp Seven. The speed continued to climb. The Galaxy-class had a maximum speed of Warp Nine point Nine but they would be pushing past that.

Darius calmly gripped the top of his console. He shook his head, as he closed his eyes, letting out a slight sigh before opening them again. "Children." He said under his breath.

Mac smirked, "I think we can push nine or nine two." Mac said, "You are looking at the chief builder and I slightly up the power of the warp core Lieutenant McDowell."

Pete cleared his throat hard. "Hey! You break it, you fix it."

"Lieutenant do you need a hand making sure the dock engineers have messed the ship up?. She is my baby as I built her up from the bottom to the top." Mac asked with a genuine smile. "Captain do you mind if I disappear to Main Engineering?" she looked to the right.

Mikoto nodded. "If it'll be better, I want to see what speed we can do," she said simply. "Permission granted"

Darius opened his eyes and rolled them back slightly as he shook his head again.

Mac said "Thanks, captain." as she bounded from her seat to the lift may not be back for a while she shot the captain her thought. as she entered the lift. "Main Engineering."

As soon as the Executive Officer left, Darius looked down to the Captain. "Ma'am... When it's okay with you I would like to speak with you in private."

"Me and my big mouth." Pete said under his breath, he racked his jaw thinking for a brief moment. "Excuse me ma'am." With a quick nod he headed for the other lift.

Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "Ok commander..." she said pulling herself out of the chair and heading to the ready room.

Darius motioned for one of the tactical officers to take his place before following the Captain to the ready room.

Though it disappointed him, Callum decided that now wasn't the time to be pushing the ship to her limits and shaking things loose. "Holding steady at Warp nine." He announced as the Captain and the Chief Tactical & Security Officer moved towards the Ready Room.

To be continued...


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