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Ermians Enters the Field (Part 2)

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 5:45pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Avram Bradford Dr. & Lieutenant Callum McDowell & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz
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Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Ready Room

Previously on Star Trek Ermiana:

As soon as the Executive Officer left, Darius looked down to the Captain. "Ma'am... When it's okay with you I would like to speak with you in private."

"Me and my big mouth." Pete said under his breath, he racked his jaw thinking for a brief moment. "Excuse me ma'am." With a quick nod he headed for the other lift.

Mikoto raised an eyebrow. "Ok commander..." she said pulling herself out of the chair and heading to the ready room.

Darius motioned for one of the tactical officers to take his place before following the Captain to the ready room.

Though it disappointed him, Callum decided that now wasn't the time to be pushing the ship to her limits and shaking things loose. "Holding steady at Warp nine." He announced as the Captain and the Chief Tactical & Security Officer moved towards the Ready Room.

And now the continuation...

(Ready Room)

Mikoto stepped around her desk as she led the way into the ready room. Once the doors has closed she took her seat and looked at the Lieutenant Commander.

"Whats on your mind Commander?" she asked simply resting both hands on the desk lightly.

Darius walking to the Ready room and paused for a moment, allowing the doors to close behind him, before speaking. "I don't think this ship is a good fit for me." He said quickly and firmly before continuing. "I'll stick around till we come across another station or ship, but this isn't going to work out for me. So... I just wanted to let you know."

Raising an eyebrow Mikoto allowed what he had said to sink in. "How so Commander? Is there a problem that needs addressing?" she asked. "I know that a new ship can be unsettling at first, after all you hardly know anyone here; or is this a bigger issue?"

He looked down for a moment, choosing his words carefully, before looking back up. "Look... I don't want to speak ill of anyone on board. I am sure they are all great people, dedicated officers, and they worked hard to get where they are. So, lets chalk it down to maybe me probably jumping back into the work too soon." Darius smirked slightly, until concluding with. "I just think I may end up butting heads with a few people so, the last thing I want to do, is become a problem, Ma'am."

"I can understand your concerns" Mikoto said. "However, there are always people in this galaxy whom you may butt heads with. I myself am the exact same, I can be hard to get along with at times. However, I find it always better to face your problems front on instead of turning and running" she explained to him. "I suggest you try your best for now, ease your way into things slowly. There will always be people you may not like, but I know that in a pinch you'll all act professionally and use the Starfleet Training you have all received, regardless of personal opinions or affairs".

Darius chuckled slightly. "I doubt that." He said as he looked down. He let out a deep sigh before looking back up to Mikoto and adding. "That's good in theory, but there will always be those who feel they are never wrong and always in the right. The kind of people who believe, because they can do something, they can exploit it whenever they like." He look shifted from slightly amused to firm. "I've started my career as a cop, on Earth, before transferring to a starship. Family business, in a way, so its a part of who I am. I was taught, by something I care about deeply, that just because you can do something it doesn't mean you should." He cleared his throat slightly and concluded. "I asked for one thing, one small request to allow me time to settle in and get used to stuff because it brought back horrible memories, and it was already broken. Practically minutes after I made that request. Ma'am, it's not a question of holding my tough, its a question of how long it will be till a blow my stack. With all due respect, Captain, I value my career too much to turn this into a larger issue and be the one to suffer repercussions over someone who will receive nothing because it is in their nature to feel they are always in the right."

"Is this regarding your meeting with Commander Taylor?" Mikoto asked simply. "I'm no telepath as you well know, but even I know just from your facial expressions and body language that you're thinking that she somehow read your mind. Am I correct in that assumption?"

"There is no somehow, Ma'am. She did." Darius replied. "But it's not just that." He let out a sigh and added quickly. "I am not here to file a complaint. I am sure she is a skilled officer, and she earned her position, but I am only here to inform you that my own abilities will be compromised. I will not be able to serve you, and this ship, to the best of my ability. I would rather cut the problem off at the head before it becomes something that will effect both our careers in some way."

Mikoto sighed. "Commander, I don't know what happened in that meeting that Commander Tayor wanted to have with you. But I do know one thing, you are a capable officer and I understand that it is hard on you right now, but I don't see any need for a transfer regarding this. Now, if Commander Taylor did read your mind, accidently or on purpose I believe you need to take it up with her directly instead of running away from it. The Federation is full of all sort of species Mister Cayne, many of them have physic or empathic abilities. You can't avoid them, and some can't help it themselves they don't have the option to do so. A Betazoid for example can't turn off their empathic abilities. There must be another way rather than tucking your tail between your legs and running like a scared puppy" Mikoto said her voice becoming more firm and slightly frustrated.

"One thing I want to know now, are you capable of doing your job as Chief of Security on this ship or will I be looking for another replacement? Because the minute you walk through those doors..." she pointed to the ready room doors "..You best have chosen a path to continue on from here"

Darius placed his hands firmly on the desk as he looked at her firmly. "I've worked with Betazoid's, Ma'am, I am completely aware that they are capable of resisting the urge to read minds of divulge deeper into someones mind. I worked a long side one for many years, so I know all about who if feels and sounds like." He took a deep breath before saying softly. "Off the record, Captain?"

"Go on" Mikoto said leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms and giving him a nod of approval.

"She's too privileged. I understand she is the person who designed this ships engines from the ground up, which she doesn't seem to hesitate to bring up, but she is not the Chief Engineer. We are just out of space dock and she already feels her knowledge is far more valuable than the people who were assigned, and approved, to take on that very position." Darius paused, trying to remember to choose his words wisely so as not to confuse this was less about anger and more about concern. "One sign of an issue and she is already on her way down to engineering to take care of the problem herself? If maintaining those engineers were of such importance to her maybe she should have taken up the position of Chief Engineer because her knowledge is so valuable. I understand if its an emergency or something complicated, but it undermines the Chief Engineer whose job it is to handle those problems when she is up here, taking control should we ever need out first officer. I gave her several times to apologize for doing what she did and she never took one, even when I flat out stated she was in the wrong, but because she is a Betazoid and always has that capability she should use it whenever she want's? Even after I made the request not to with me? She does it blatantly without just coming out and asking me? She wasn't even willing to do that out of respect for me, a fellow officer, who made that request with a good reason."

Darius placed his head down, clearing his throat, before looking back up to her. "Do you see this arm?" He held up his cybernetic arm to her. "I can kill someone, cause major damage, with this arm." He placed his left hand on his chest and removed his combadge. In a quick motion, he squeezed it in his hand, breaking it without resistance or a second thought. As he opened his hand, it feel onto her desk, as he continued. "I had to learn control, restraint, because I could take a life without breaking a sweet. So, just because I can do it, it doesn't mean I should. How freaked out would it be if I went around breaking doors hurting people with a simple grab? How much fear would I have to deal with? I wouldn't have earned their respect because of my skills and talents. I would have earned it out of fear and that makes me no better than the people I spent my life chasing. I have this ability, but I learn to keep it restrained, out of respect for those around me."

"Captain... As I stated, I spent a long time as a Borg. I watched my family die in front of me before being taken by them. I spent, a long time, constantly hearing voices in my head. Being violated. Watching myself do things with no control to stop it." He said with a sign before adding. "I am well aware, we will encounter those who have the same capabilities, but for a fellow officer to know why I am not ready for someone to be able to go into my mind and do it anyway shows a lack of respect. And even after knowing, abilities or not, that I am offended and make no attempt to apologize or make amends so as I know it wasn't on purpose only further emphasizes that lack of respect for a fellow officer. A crewmate." Darius picked up his combadge and looked back to Mikoto. "If the situation was reversed, would you believe, I would not make some kind of attempt to correct that mistake? If I were to grab someone, without thinking and cause an injury, do you think I would just brush it off? What kind of officer would I be? What kind of person would I be?" He closed his hand around the combadge and leaned back from the table, straightening up. "Ma'am, this is less about one offense then understanding this one will only escalate to a point where my frustration will get the better of me and both hers, and my, careers maybe at risk. I have too much respect for this uniform, and my training as a peace officer, to tarnish both highly skilled officers. That's why I am not here to lodge a complaint against her. I would rather leave by my own accord because, I know, she will not it that way. She will only see her doing what she has always done and accepting that there is no problem other than from my end."

To be continued...


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