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Is there a Doctor..?

Posted on Sun May 24th, 2020 @ 6:08pm by Lieutenant Commander Avram Bradford Dr. & Captain Mikoto Misaka

1,113 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Various
Timeline: Current

As Avram's shuttle settled to the deck with a thump, he stood, stretched his stiff muscles and gathered his belongings.

The medium sized duffle contained everything he owned. At times like this, he often wondered what "normal" people would think of the 'minimalist' lifestyle Starfleet officers often adopted, more out of necessity than choice.

As he stepped off the shuttle, an over eager to please your crewman suddenly appeared in front of him.

"Welcome aboard the Ermiana, Commander." he said, a little too loud, standing so rigidly at 'attention' that Avram worried silently that the poor child would hurt themselves.

"Thank you, crewman." he said simply with a warm smile and a slight bow of the head.

"Captain Misaka has asked that you report to the ready-room upon arrival. Our departure is imminent, so I'm to take your bag and point you in her direction."

"Very well then." he answered, handing over the bag. "Dismissed then."

A short turbolift ride later, Avram found himself on the bustling bridge of the Galaxy class vessel. The sheer size still amazed him, despite having spent the trip over familiarizing himself with the ship layout. Seeing it in person truly was a different animal than just looking at charts.

With his hands together behind his back, in what had become a custom for the Doctor, he crossed the deck and triggered the control to request entry to the Captain's office, then waited patiently for a response.

"Enter" a female voice called through the door.

"Chief Medical Officer Avram Bradford, reporting as ordered." he said, as he stepped inside the office.

Mikoto looked up from behind her desk at the middle aged man in front of her. "I see you finally made it. I understand that we have been expecting you for a little while, but there were complications in your transport arrangements" she asked. "Would you care for some tea?"

"A cup of tea would be much appreciated, thank you. Jasmine, if you have it." Avram replied with a smile.

Nodding Mikoto stood up and crossed the room to the replicator. She returned with a cup of Jasmine tea and a cup of green tea for herself. She handed the doctor his and motioned for him to sit down. "So doctor, tell me. What do you know of the facilities here on a Galaxy Class Starship? Its one of the biggest and most advanced vessels that Starfleet has in service, plus we've got civilians on board as well"

Avram accepted the cup with a nod and took the offered seat. "Thank you." he said, took a small sip of the drink and smiled. "Ah, yes. This is very nice." He then placed the cup on the desk to allow it to cool a bit while he answered the Captain's questions.

"I spent the ride over familiarizing myself with the official 'What to expect while serving on a Galaxy Class' literature, for little that's actually worth." he answered with a laugh. "It took exactly one turbolift ride to the bridge to prove that document hardly does her justice."

A smile crept across Mikoto's face as she listened to the doctors words. "Yes, looking over the schematics, maps and diagrams don't compare to the real thing" she replied. "This ship however has more medical facilities on than your average starship" Mikoto explained to him. "It's more comparable to the facilities found on a Starbase, however scaled down considerably" she took a sip of her tea to pause. "I know that most Starfleet Doctors always seem to want their own 'mini-hospital' are you the same in that respect?" she asked curiously, coming from a Security background she was always curious of other department heads ambitions.

"I have always found that "wanting" things to be this way or that way is the surest path to disappointment." he replied, then took another sip of his tea. "As long as the facilities are sufficient to offer proper care and treatment to my patients, you'll hear no complaints from me."

He considered his next words for a moment, then continued, "I often found the sheer size of the medical center on Starbase 42 daunting. I actually won't mind things being a bit smaller. I find myself more comfortable in a space where I can 'keep an eye' on my patients without having to go for a hike."

Mikoto couldn't help but smirk. "In that case, you should fit in fine here". She pushed a PADD over to him on the surface of the desk. "Here are your first mission orders" she told him. "They're quite simple. Our first assignment is to report to Veridian Three. There we will find the wrecked Saucer Section of the Starship Enterprise which crashed a few days ago. We have been tasked with removing all sensitive Starfleet equipment and technology from the vessel. As well as downloading and removing all data from the ships computer. You will be overseeing the dismantling of the Enterprise's Medical Bays, and responsible for its extensive medical database being downloaded" Mikoto explained. "We're also due to carry a team of Corps of Engineers who will start the salvage of the ships materials including breakind down the hull. I am sure that there will be minor injuries here and there, the wreck of the Enterprise isn't exactly safe. You'll need medical teams ready to go at a moments notice. Plus, all crew who report aboard are going to need their physical evaluations done. You'll be quite busy, but I think you'll enjoy the challenge"

"Straight into the deep end then?" he laughed. "So much for 'send the new ship on a milk run' and hope they don't scratch the paint."

"I don't see the need to dawdle about" Mikoto replied as she took another sip of her tea. "This is going to be a good test of the ships abilities and crew" she explained to him. "I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish, although I have a weird feeling that it won't go as smoothly as Starfleet's plans. It never does, especially when a Starship with the name Enterprise is involved in some way".

"I cannot find a flaw in that argument, Captain. The Universe has proven time and time again that it has a perverse sense of humor." Avram agreed. He finished his cup of tea, enjoying the sensation, and then added, "I will endeavor to have my team ready for whatever lies in our path."

"Good Doctor" she said as she rose from her chair once again. She extended her hand to him. "Welcome aboard the Ermiana"

"Thank you, Captain." Avram said, then turned and departed the office in route to sickbay.


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