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Capt. Misaka Physical

Posted on Mon Apr 19th, 2021 @ 2:34am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Alice Kendall

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Sick Bay

"And that, ensign, is why you always use the safety protocols on the holodeck." She finished and put away her medical scanner. "With all the injuries caused by it, I'm surprised the captain-" Her eyes lit up. The ensign stared, confused. She was beaming. "I'm signing you off. Return to your post." She left the ensign on the bed and went to her office. "Computer, I have one more physical due for today. Confirm?" The computer obliged. "Capt. Misaka scheduled for physical at 1800 hours." She contained a squeal. With so many physicals it was hard to keep who was scheduled for when straight, even for Alice. But this one was special, for it was her captain. "Send her down right away then, if you would please."

Mikoto knew that she had a physical scheduled with the new Chief Medical officer for that evening. She had requested an evening spot over a morning spot for a reason. She didn't want sickbay to be busy while she was there, plus she would rather go towards the end of her shift after getting everything she needed to get done instead of being delayed.

She made her way towards the estensive medical facilities and towards the central sickbay area. She walked through the doors, relieved to see it was fairly quiet. She passed an ensign whom seemed to have a rather sheepish look on his face as he passed.

"Ah, captain!" Dr. Kendall called. She walked out of her office. Several nurses and assistants loitered around, chatting with not much to do around this hour. It was almost time to rotate shifts. "Why don't you all start to clean up? I can take the rest from here." The medical staff just looked at each other and shrugged. "Aye, sir." They retreated to the wash area, leaving the two commanding officers.

She walked over to a bed and motioned with her hand for the captain to sit. "Welcome to sickbay! Please take a seat and make yourself comfortable. This shouldn't take long. I bet your looking forward to your time off." She smiled.

Mikoto stretched as she walked over to the nearest biobed and hopped up on it. "I look forward to when all this is over. We've been all working so hard to clean up the wreckage. Now with Klingons here... that only means more trouble and heaches for me" she explained simply. "Plus, I could use a few days with Touma just to relax"

"I'll try and make this as quick and painless as possible." The captains vitals appeared above the bed. "Yep, it looks like you've got a heightened level of stress hormones. Quite common in captains, I assure you. If you aren't stressed, your doing your job wrong." She giggled and tapped away in her medipad. "Please sit up for me and take some deep breathes while inspect you with my medical tricorder."

Sitting up straight Mikoto just waited for the doctor to be done. "So, how is everything down here in sickbay?" she asked simply.

The doctor completed her scans and tapped away at her medipad. "Oh, pretty slow. Nothing worse than a little cold or a sprained ankle here and there. I have the holodeck to thank for most of my patients. Safety protocols exist for a reason, you know." She put her pad away, replacing it with a small ear inspection device. "I'm going to inspect your universal translator. Tell me if you feel uncomfortable." She lightly inserted the device into the captain's ear and looked through the other end.

"You mean my ear" Mikoto said simply. "I don't opt for those inbuilt ones. Plus, the comm badge and computer has it all anyways" she explained.

"Ah, I see. Yup, only earwax in here." She removed it. "Almost done captain. Just need to give you your routine vaccines." She strolled across the room and picked up her hypospray. She walked back and began inserting the blueish liquid capsule into it.

"Just wondering captain, you've mentioned the Klingons giving you a hard time to me before. Aren't they our buddies now? One of the crew members of the Enterprise is a Klingon, if I'm not mistaken. I know it was klingons that shot it down in the first place, but I was under the impression they were rogue and not affiliated with the Klingon government." She smiled. "Sickbay is a long way from the bridge. I'm usually the last person to know whats going on."

"Things with the Klingon Empire are not always 'buddy buddy' so to speak" Mikoto said simply. "Its not like we're always holding hands and skipping down the path together. The Klingons that are here are associated with the House of Duras. They seem more than interested in the wreck of the Enterprise"

She laughed. "Yeah, Klingons have always have had interesting relationship with the Enterprise, to say the least." She injected the hypo into the captain's left arm. She put the hypo in her jacket pocket and whipped out her medipad and began tapping away. "Like I said captain, quick and painless. Your checkup has come to an exciting end."

"So am I going to live a long and health life?" Mikoto asked a hint of sarcasm in her tone of voice.

"Lets not get ahead of ourselves." The doctor smiled. "I'm scheduling you for weekly visits to our good counselor. With all of the stress on your shoulders your mental health must be at its best." She lowered her medipad. "Also, I'm adding more protein to your diet plan. Your weight was lower than usual. Besides that, your fit as can be."

Sliding down off of the bed Mikoto stretched. "Very well doctor" she said. "Although, Counselor Glenn may find that some of those weekly visits may have to take place in the ready room. No rest for the wicked, especially Starfleet Captains" she explained with a wink as she made her way towards the sickbays doors.

The doctor nodded, hoping that she was being sarcastic. After the captain winked at her, her face turned a slight red. ‘Am I blushing?’ Dr. Kendall retreated to her office and began updating the captains medical file.

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