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Glenn, at your service...

Posted on Thu Apr 1st, 2021 @ 8:16pm by Lieutenant Commander Elliot Glenn Dr & Captain Mikoto Misaka

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Captain's Ready Room, Main Bridge, Deck 1 USS Ermiana
Timeline: Immediately follows In Bound

"Glenn, at your service..."
Captain Mikoto Misaka, Commanding Officer
Lieutenant Commander Dr Elliot Glenn, Chief Counsellor

Amongst the responsibilities of a Runabout pilot for Glenn, Ensign N’aim was now tasked with ensuring that all or the Counsellor's belongings were unloaded into either storage, or having them moved to his quarters. This gave Elliot the chance to head up to the bridge and get checked in with the Captain. Stepping off the Turbolift onto the Ermiana's Main Bridge, he felt like he had arrived. Starbase 8 had some good facilities, generally speaking, but Ops wasn't amongst them. Not that he ever spent much time there. But the Galaxy class bridge was a sight to behold.

He stepped forward and leaned on the Tactical Rail. "Captain?" he called out, leaning forward, and looking at the Command officers below.

Captain Mikoto Misaka looked up from her chair, her small frame dwarfed by the huge sweeping cream leather. "Ah Counsellor" she said, recognising the man in the teal shouldered uniform. She rose out of the command chair and indicated to the ready room with her hand.

"That's me," he replied, stepped down the ramp to follow her into her office. A Captain's Ready Room, he knew, was their inner sanctum, an escape away from the trials and tribulations of Command. As they walked inside, and the doors closed behind them both, the Counsellor took this moment to introduce himself. "Dr Elliot Glenn, at your service, Captain."

Mikoto made her way towards the replicator. "Apologies about those Klingons Counsellor, regardless welcome aboard the Ermiana. As you most likely already know, I'm Captain Mikoto Misaka" she paused as she stood in front of the replicator. "Would you care for something to drink?"

"I shouldn't, Captain," Glenn replied, quickly "I had a couple of wee drams on the runabout on the way in." He settled onto the couch in the office, rather than at the desk, before he had a change of heart. "You know what, I will take a little beverage. Some iced water would be great."

Mikoto replicated the drinks and passed him the iced water. "So then" she said as she took a seat behind the desk. "Apologies for the Klingons out there, they've been giving me a headache since they arrived in the system" she explained.

"No apologies necessary, Captain," Glenn replied, "and certainly not twice," he added with a grin, making a note that the Captain had repeated herself. "Gets the blood pumping to start the day." He took a sip of the water and set it down on the desk. "I believe Klingon induced headaches are part of dealing with them, you know."

"You've got that right" she replied. "Now then, have you been briefed on what we're doing out here?" she asked.

"Besides getting shot at by Klingons, ya mean?" the Counsellor asked. Before the Captain answered, he answered the question for himself. "As I understand it, Captain, we're running salvage and recovery operations, on the crash landed Starship Enterprise." He smiled then, as he had become familiar with the events that had transpired. "These are the things that happen Captain, when you put a Counsellor at the helm."

"Well yeah..." Mikoto replied.

"In all seriousness, Captain," Glenn replied, "unlike Commander Troi, I'm not rated to pilot a starship. My hat's off to her for bringing that ship down without any loss of life in the actual crash. As I understand it, all the Enterprise's casualties were from the Klingon attack." Elliot had a lot of respect for the Enterprise's Counsellor, he doubted that he could have done so well.

"Indeed they were. However, I will let you know one thing. The Klingons out there seem to want the Trilithium device that was created by the late Doctor Tolian Soran" she explained to him softly. "Such a device has the power to stop all fusion in a star. That would then destroy said star and the resulting shockwave would do the same for everything in the system" she paused for a second. "I want you to observe the crew, make sure that that information that is stored in the databanks doesn't get out to public knowledge. You know how rumours start, and you know how dangerous they can be. If the Klingons destroy the Veridian Sun, then the whole pre-warp civilization on the fourth planet will be wiped out."

Glenn nodded then, before something dawned on him. "Do we know if that's what happened at Amargosa?" It had quickly become common knowledge that the star had collapsed - not hard to hide a destroyed star, but there was little news as to the cause.

Mikoto bit the bottom of her lip for a few seconds. "It’s not common knowledge, in fact only I know about this. Not even Commander Taylor knows this, but it is exactly what happened at Amargosa" she explained simply. "However, that knowledge is on a need-to-know basis" she told him. "Starfleet doesn't want this getting out" she paused again. "Such a device in the wrong hands could be a disaster, especially The Dominion or The Maquis, which are both becoming more of a threat by the day."

Glenn nodded. That was absolutely true. "Indeed. A people willing to sacrifice themselves to take out a Galaxy-class starship have no place having a weapon like this. You can rely on me Captain."

"They may have bigger plans. Can you imagine if they destroyed the sun in the Qo'nos or Sol system for example? Especially from a cloaked position" Mikoto replied.

"Perhaps it's best not to think about, Captain," Glenn replied. It was clear that there was a great deal of concern at Starfleet about the Dominion threat. Strictly speaking, it wasn't entirely unfounded. The Dominion had made themselves known in a big way, with their attack on the Odyssey, and the later capture of the USS Defiant and its crew. There were also rumblings about a joint Cardassian/Romulan attack that had gone badly. But he wasn't exactly in the right circles to find out just how that had gone. No one told Counsellors much.

"You're right" Mikoto sighed. "You can say that I'm rather worried about it all. Not only do we need to prevent any classified technology or information go 'missing' we have a potential threat in the works too" she told him. "I want you to check in with me regularly regarding the crew."

"At the risk of sounding predictable, Captain," Glenn began, "I can only keep you apprised if I feel what is imparted to me doesn't violate the confidentiality of my patients." He nodded then, "however, you can rest assured that if I find anything out of the ordinary, that points towards a potential security risk aboard this ship, then I'll do my duty to safeguard the ship and crew."

Mikoto nodded. "That makes sense" she replied. "Do you have any questions for me? Anything you wish to ask?" she asked.

"I don't think so, Captain," Glenn replied, standing. He sensed where this was headed. "I'm going to head out and leave you to your work. If I anything comes to mind, then I'll pay you a wee visit." With that, the Counsellor left, to go and do something, whatever there would be to do.


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