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Words & Bloodwine

Posted on Sun May 23rd, 2021 @ 8:12am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori

Mission: Cleaning Up

Kulagh pulled the data rod out of the computer terminal and held it tightly in his hands. Over the past few days they had managed to piece together all the data that they needed to complete and built a Trilthium probe. On the rod he was carrying was the necessary data and final designs by the ships science officer, Kyrian. However today the Klingon Captain wasn't heading towards the engineering or science labs aboard the Vor'Cha class cruiser. He stopped outside one of the crew quarters doors and unusually rang the chime.

As soon as the chime rang a load roar came from inside from the Jackal Mastiff inside. The Klingon animal, covered in snow white fur and sharp teeth, approached the door and growled. It dug its claws into the floor and prepared to strike.

"naDev ghoS, Kyamo! DaH!" (Come here, Kyamo! Now!) shouted the Klingon Colonel Dontoc.

The Mastiff growled again before walking away from the door and to its master.

"Enter!" Dontoc shouted as he leaned back in his chair, facing a window, a goblet of bloodwine on the small table to his right.

The door opened with a clunk and Kulagh stepped into the room. "We have the information" he said simply as he held up the computer chip in between two of his large fingers. He approached slowly before placing the chip down on a side desk.

"The Starfleet ship does not know that we took the information, right from their own databanks!"

"Qapla'!" (Success!)Dontoc shouted, slamming his fist on the side table, causing the goblet to shake. "You missed your calling, Kulagh." He said with slight gravel in his voice as he extended one hand and began to rub the side of his pets dark face. "Were Kulagh not a Klingon Captain, my dear Kyamo, he would have made a decent Ferengi thief." As the Mastiff growled, Dontoc let out a short, but deep, chuckle. "Kyamo is pleased, Captain. If she is pleased. I am pleased."

"It is indeed a success!" Kulagh growled back. "However, I am concerned regarding the Federation Starship in this system" he told him simply. "It out guns us and they may know more than they let on. However their Galaxy Class easily beats this vessel in honorable combat"

"Do you hear that, Kyamo?" The Klingon Colonel said as he took hold of his goblet. "Kulagh is... concerned." Dontoc finished his bloodwine before slowly getting up. He stood tall in his Klingon defense force armor uniform, covering his chest, no black tunic underneath to show his muscular arms, a Klingon stole over his shoulders. He let out a slight growl as he turned his head, his long black hair still hiding his face, as he said in a deep voice. "Perhaps we should put him at ease, Kyamo. So as not to harm his delicate Klingon feelings."

Dontoc let out a laugh as he began to walk toward his desk, his Mastiff pet following him. He stopped just behind the desk, flipping the lid of the barrel of bloodwine off, before easing his goblet into the liquid. "Perhaps I was mistaken, Kulagh. Maybe you are a Ferengi thief after all. You only pretend to be a Klingon Captain." He brought the goblet to his lips, chuckling softly, before taking a sip.

Kulagh was not the type of person to be intimidated by this fool. "I am no Ferengi!" he snarled back at the other Klingon. "However I am also not a fool to take on a heavily armed vessel with no chance of survival!" He paused for a few seconds. "To do so would not be an honourable death, it would be downright idiotic!" he growled back. He stepped forward towards the other man. "Now, propose our next course of action"

Dontoc smiled from ear to ear as he brought his goblet down. "There is the Klingon, Kyamo." He turned to face Kulagh, looking at him with his one good eye and the other covered in a Klingon patch. "He was right there... hiding behind the concern and thievery. Perhaps this is a Klingon ship after all. Kyamo was beginning to have reservations, but I was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt." He then slammed his hand on the desk, lighting up the controls, basking his face in the red color of the lights. "You will also remember to mind your tone with me, Captain. Unlike you... my record speaks for itself!"

Kulagh withdrew some of his aggression, but only for a few moments. "My tone was not to disrespect. But to express only" he shot back. "I have my engineers working on the probe that will help reclaim the empire for the Duras family. Our goals are the same" he paused momentarily allowing a silence to fall upon the room. "Now we have the information, we have a chance to do what we set out to do. Unless you have other ideas?"

"Do not begin to tell me how our goals are the same!" Dontoc shouted as Kyamo growled at Kulagh from beside the desk. "I can assure you, my goals, come from a different place than yours." He stood back up straight, looking down at the single photo on his desk. A photo only he could see. He raised his goblet and poured a bit on the floor before finishing it off himself. "You know nothing of my goals. Only its desired outcome."

Dontoc placed the goblet on the desk and walked around it slowly, his eye locked with Kulagh, a slight coldness in it as he approached the Klingon Captain. "Why do you not want to battle the Starfleet ship? Do you not believe in your ship? It's crew? In the very skills and lessons that forged you into the very Klingon Warrior you are?"

"I have faith in my crew, do not underestimate them" Kulagh growled. "However, I would be a bad leader if I picked a fight with something that could strike me down without a second thought also..." he looked down at the Jackal his piercing eyes making contact "...I do not have faith in this 'Trilithium Weapon' of yours. It failed before and I refuse to die dishonourably for a weapon which may fail again!"

"So... you seek an easy victory, Kulagh?" Dontoc laughed deeply, his gaze looking slightly mad, as he placed his hand on his shoulder. "It's okay. You can confide in me. Neither I, nor Kyamo, will reveal what's in your heart."

"Not an easy victory no. Those are the wrong words" Kulagh replied. "I seek a winnable victory for a cause I can truly put my heart into. I will not sacrifice honorable warriors for a foolish reason. This may be your goals, but this is My Ship and my crew; I serve the house, but I have learnt not to underestimate Starfleet. Thats what happened to Lursa and Betor, and now they reside in Sto-Vor-Kor..." he paused again "...Or Grethor, who knows?"

Dontoc placed his hand on the side of Kulagh's face and smiled. "I understand, my friend. Believe me. I understand all too well the feeling of fighting a battle for a cause you do not believe in. A warrior cannot give his best if he puts no heart into it. Nothing of himself. With no heart, Kulagh, you cannot enjoy the fruits of victory. You cannot feel the songs and taste the bloodwine on your lips."

"Then you understand" Kulagh replied simply. "Finally we agree on something" he added in a slightly lower more friendlier tone, hoping that this could at least defuse some of the tension between them.

He stepped away from Dontoc by a step, just to keep his own personal space. He didn't trust him, but if they could at least work together for a little longer then the rewards would outweigh the cons. "You are the commander that I follow" he said simply. "So as Captain of this vessel, I ask... respectfully... for our next move. Only those I trust know of the true nature of the information and the weapon we have obtained"

"For now... your next move?" Dontoc said as he gestured to the barrel of bloodwine. "Is to have a drink and settle yourself."

Kulagh raised an eyebrow as he picked up a goblet and dunked it deep into the barrel of the bloodwine. "I will drink to the success of our mission" he said as he raised the goblet, a few droplets spilling out back into the barrel as it was lifted out. "And to reclaiming the Klingon Empire under the banner of Duras".

Dontoc walked up behind him, easing the photo down so that the picture was unseen, before grabbing the goblet he had before. He eased it into the barrel and brought it up, looking to Kulagh. "To reclaiming the Empire under the House of Duras."

Kulagh seemed to relax slightly as the bloodwine flowed down his throat, its taste filling his senses. "Not even The Federation or those dishonourable dogs, The Romulans can stand in our way once that fool Gowron is dead and the House of Duras takes its rightful place as head of the Klingon Empire"

"Yes, my friend. Yes!" Dontoc shouted gleefully. They will not stand a chance." He drank from his goblet before asking. "Is the bloodwine to your satisfaction?"

"Indeed. It seems like a fine vintage" Kulagh replied as he took another swig from his goblet. "Was this one of the barrels that we liberated on Seltac Four?" he asked curiously. "Along with that weapons cache that old fool was failing to guard?"

"No... its my own, personal, barrel." Dontoc replied, placing his hand on Kulagh's shoulder, before adding. "Have some more." He than pulled back and slammed his fist against the Klingon Captain's face. Before he had a change to respond, Dontoc grabbed the Klingon's hair and dunked it into the bloodwine barrel. "Enjoy it while you can, petaQ! It is the last taste you will ever receive!"

He held Kulagh's head under for a while, before pulling it out, allowing him to gasp for air. Dontoc dunked it in again, a sinister smile on his face. The Klingon did this several more times until he felt the Captain go limp before pulling him out and letting him fall on the floor. Dontoc leaned down and felt for a pulse to ensure Kulagh was still alive and unconscious.

As Dontoc approached his desk, his Mastiff approached the Captain's body, snarling and growling as if prepared to feast. "Kyamo, my dear, Kulagh's job is not done yet. He still has one more service to provide." He said as he tapped the console, a large smile on his face, as he began to work.

Kulah laid there for a few minutes, before finally starting to stir. He began to groan as he slowly started to move as if to get off of the floor and rise to his feet.

Dontoc stopped, looking down to Kulagh, before crouching down. "It's time to take a tour of your ship, Captain. Meet your crew." He reached up and took his disruptor from his desk, easing it into his belt. "Let's see if we can find your heart while we are at it." Dontoc than drew back and slammed his fist against the downed Captain as hard as he could.

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