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"Fit as a fiddle..."

Posted on Tue Jun 29th, 2021 @ 8:11pm by Lieutenant Commander Elliot Glenn Dr & Lieutenant Alice Kendall

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Current

OOC - Turns out that this has been finished for a while, but for some reason I thought that it wasn't finished... enjoy!

"Fit as a fiddle..."
Lieutenant Commander Doctor Elliot Glenn, Chief Counsellor
Lieutenant Doctor Alice Kendall, Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Kendall walked into sickbay and relieved the night shift. "I've got no time for breakfast this morning, to much work to do." She thought. After finishing her personal log, she began her routine of feeding her army of colorful flora. She yawned. Her head nurse walked over to her and handed her a medipad. "You've got more physicals scheduled for this morning, sir." She glanced over the crewmen scheduled for today. "Hmmm." She muttered. Her stomach growled. Her nurse stood awkwardly while she stared at the pad. After a minute or two she sighed, "Alright, sounds good. Lets begin immediately. Please arrange for the first patient to report to sickbay."

Many hours later... for Glenn was never the first to sickbay... Lieutenant Commander Doctor Elliot Glenn was sitting at the desk in his office when an alarm chimed from his desktop terminal. It took him several minutes to remember what the alarm was even for, as he couldn't recall setting it. Apparently, he was due to check in with sickbay. He set his PADD down, finished his small scotch, and headed out to sickbay. The Counselling offices were within the sickbay complex, so it was only around the corner from his office. The Scotsman found the nearest nurse, and asked, "where's the Doc want me?"

Doctor Kendall noticed Lt. Cmdr Glenn across the room. Taking a long drag of her coffee, (with extra cream and sugar, of course,) she set the cup down in her office and picked up her trusty medipad. Strolling out into the medbay, she twirled her fingers in Glenn's direction. "I'll take you over here, counselor." She walked over to a biobed closest to her carnivorous plant.

"Oh you will, will you?" Glenn replied, looking across to the Doctor. "Dr Elliot Glenn, at your service lass." He shook his head then. "Actually, I'm here at your pleasure, aren't I. My desk told me that we had an appointment. Was that your lot's doing?"

"You mean was it my orders to give every single person on the ship a physical? Unfortunately, yes." She slightly tilted her head. "Any other questions or can we get on with it?"

Glenn raised a brow, and then grinned. "I can keep me mouth shut for now, if you're that keen to get this over with."

She smiled and shook her head. "Of course not. Sorry, its just all these physicals getting to my head. I bet you have it way worse, having to fix emotional injuries."

"I've not had an awful lot to do at this point, Doc," Elliot replied. "I've not really been here long enough to get stuck in to that part of the job. There's a pretty large contingent of the crew on clean-up duty on the surface." He shrugged his shoulders then, and offered her a wide grin, "Plus, I haven't even finished unpacking."

The doctor smiled and glanced at the pile of various equipment she had yet to put away after first docking. "Good to hear I'm not the only one."

"Where were you stationed before this?" Glenn asked, as he watched her begin her scans of him.

"I served on the YesterYear for a while. 80% of the crewmen were vulcans. It was very...well, quite logical, of course." She scanned his skull with her medical scanner as un-awkwardly as possible. "What about you? What made you join a starship?"

"I've served most of my career on Starbases, and I definitely spent far too long at Starbase 8," Glenn replied. "I guess it was finally time for a change of scenery."

"I can understand that. There is an unlimited amount of different places you can get to with a starship. To bad we've been stuck on Veridian III for so long. I haven't even left the ship yet. Have you been to the surface?" She waved her medical scanner across his eyes. "Try not to blink." She added.

"Not yet," Glenn replied. "I'd certainly like to. But I'm not too handy with the tools. Don't think the Engineering teams want me sitting in the way supping a wee malt."

She giggled. "I'd just get in the way as well. I can work a medipad, but thats about it." She reached into her pockets and started installing the hypospray. "Just this one shot and you should be good to go, counselor."

"Excellent," Elliot replied. "I always knew that I was as fit as a fiddle..."


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