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LtC Cayne Physical

Posted on Mon Jul 26th, 2021 @ 3:39am by Lieutenant Alice Kendall & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Sick Bay


Doctor Kendall signed off another crewman. "Your fine, crewman. Maybe lay off the greasy food for a few weeks, though." She looked at her medipad. She was going in alphabetical order by last name. She had been at it all day and had just gotten to the C's. This was gonna take days, if not a week. This ship was a lot bigger than she thought. "Cayne, huh? Looks like he'll be the first of the bridge crew to receive their physicals." She turned to her nurse, who was still trying to feed her Andorian giant snapping fly trap. "Nurse, I'll take over. Please alert Commander Cayne to report to sickbay. I'll personally preform his physical."

Darius walked into sickbay, tempted to just walk right back out. He had his fill with doctors poking and prodding back in the rehab when he lost his arm. Right now, his only concern, was getting it over with. No need to prolong it any longer. They had a job to do, same as him, so no need to make theirs any difficult by having to force him.

The doctor looked past her desk and saw the commander. Suddenly she was excited to poke, prod and inspect this body that just walked in. The cybernetic arm and outward scars were promising that this specimen was a find indeed. She put her glasses on and walked over to Darius. "Welcome to sickbay!" She said. "I'm your new CMO, Dr. Kendell. But please, call me Alice. You must be the infamous Mr. Cayne."

Darius raised a brow, smirking slightly, before replying softly. "I don't know whether to be relieved or concerned with your enthusiasm." He let out a slight chuckle before getting on the biobed. He saw such a reaction to his current state by a few doctors and scientists after his arm was placed, but not by someone like the current Doctor. It did make him feel a little less uncomfortable knowing that her excitement seemed to be more out of genuine curiosity and she treated him like a person, not a lab rat. "Please, Doctor. I'm only Infamous on Earth. Here, its just Lieutenant Cayne or Darius."

"Surviving the Borg makes you infamous everywhere, commander." She brought her medipad and other equipment over to the bed. She tapped the pad and revisited his profile. "Now, it says here your bodies been through the ringer. Would you mind removing your shirt, please?"

He looked down for a moment, quiet as he thought of what he lost because of that very Borg attack, before looking up to Alice to give her a slight smile. "I might have survived but they took pieces of me with them, Doctor." He nodded his head a bit and let out a slight sigh as he continued. "But I'll take the compliment."

Darius unzipped the top of his uniform, leaving the turtleneck gray, before removing that as well. He placed the removed clothes onto the nearby biobed and looked to the Doctor with a nod. He was toned, but slightly scared. One thing was apparent were the light blue lines under his left shoulder, indicating the connection underneath the skin. While an artificial skin was coated over the left arm, it was obvious by the light blue of which one was the cybernetic one and which was real. As from a few tattoos scattered on various parts of his body, and the scars with various signs of healing, he seemed to take very good care of himself. Externally anyway.

Dr. Kendall hovered the medical scanner over his body. My god, she thought. Its as if his organs were removed and put back in. This must be the infamous body mutilation the Borg were known for. What was more impressive was how fit the commander seemed despite this. Alice noticed across the room her nurse watching intently. The nurse noticed her gaze, and returned to pretending to clean her medical bottles. "I must ask you some questions considering you were once assimilated." She read off the pad. "Any headaches?"

Darius looked over to the nurses and smirked slightly before focusing back to Alice. "It's ok. I'm used to it." He cleared his throat slightly as he heard her prepare him for the question about his time assimilated. It was as if he had been through this a million times since he was rescued and a million more after his rehabilitation after his arm was placed in. "Only when I think too hard." He replied quickly, than proceeded to let out a soft chuckle, before saying. "No. No headaches."

The doctor giggled, maybe a little bit to much, considering the topic being discussed. "headaches are very common among survivors. I can start giving you regular doses of nanocedrelin to help, if you'd like. It'll paralyze the dormant nanoprobes in your bloodstream."

"I was kidding, Doc, when I said I got headaches for thinking." He smiled at her, speaking softly, before continuing. "But, I appreciate it. When I get a headache I usually run into a wall with my good shoulder and my brain forgets all about my head and focusing on the pain in my shoulder. But then I have a shoulder pain for a while." He smirked again before leaning in and saying softly. "That was another joke."

"I see." She smiled and began rubbing his arms and legs, feeling for anything out of place. "Any strange smells? Do you feel disoriented after standing for to long? Do you dream often? Does your body have trouble digesting food? Any strange memory loss? Feelings of paranoia, uneasiness?" She breathed in, "And most importantly, how do you feel?" She continued to rub his body.

He nodded his head and cleared his throat, smirking slightly, before beginning to reply. "No strange smells. No disorientation. Yes, I dream, just not about things I enjoy. No trouble digesting food. No strange memory loss, although sometimes I wish I did. No paranoia or uneasiness and I feel fine." He soon took a deep breath, as if trying to say it all before having to breath again. Darius looked back to her and looked down at her hands, watching her rubbing his body, before focusing back to her with a smile. "How do I feel to you, Doctor?"

She looked up from her hands. She was getting a little to much into it. She quickly withdrew her hands. "You feel like a scarecrow that had its stuffing shoved back in." She returned to her pad, brushing the hair out of her eyes. "But somehow your endurance and perception are off the charts. Good to see from the Chief of Security." She reviewed her readings.

"The Borg have a habit of doing that." He smiled slightly as he looked down. "When I was in rehab, getting a new arm and working through my experience as a drone, I had nothing to do but work out. Before I took a ship duty I worked on Earth as a cop... a peacekeeper, so I already had a mindset to staying in shape in the event I ever had to run down a suspect." Darius nodded his head a bit before adding. "To be honest, I think the arm, has improved my parkour skills."

"A limb that feels no fatigue would do that." She tapped the last of the questionnaires away. "You can put your clothes back on, Commander. I'm all done with my assessment."

Darius raised a brow. "You sure. If I do that you may make the nurses very upset." He gestured behind her at the nurses that have gathered to observe.

She looked up. "Shows over ladies!" She called. They reluctantly accepted that his shirt wasn't coming back off. "Sorry about them. You'd think they haven't seen a decent looking guy before."

"Decent?!?" Darius replied, a bit taken back by the comment, before smiling a bit. "Was that a compliment or an insult?"

She giggled. "I'll never tell." She walked over to her medicine cabinet, leaving him to question what she said. "What I will tell you is to take these hypos once a night. Your body has shockingly low levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid, a tell tale sign of insomnia. And just try and tell me that you aren't tired. I'll call the captain right now and recommend you for a sabbatical." She handed him the hyposprays.

Darius smiled at her giggling, setting him at ease, before taking the hyposprays. ""Sabbatical? You mean sitting in my quarters, not being about to do my job? Come on, Alice. Is there anything you can do so that I can get back on duty? Some kind of compromise we can reach? I've been in a rehabilitation clinic for, what feels like, forever. I finally get told I can return to duty and your recommendation is to send me back because I have a hard time sleeping? Help me out here, Doc. Please?"

“Take your medicine like a good boy and I won’t have too.” She touched his shoulder. “But seriously, if you feel strange in any way, promise me you won’t play tough guy. Come to me right away.” She hesitated, then added, “On the bright side, you’d have an excuse to be able to visit me and my lonely nurses whenever you feel a tummy ache.”

"Unless you make it a house call." Darius replied. "Then, it will just be, you and me." He gave her a smile and crossed his arms slightly over his chest, looking into her eyes, as he leaned in slightly. "And the lonely nurses will just have to use their imaginations."

Being flustered wasn’t a typical feeling for a Risian. Blushing she looked around hoping no nurse or crewmen had just heard that. She sighed. “Listen mister, your health comes first, fun comes later. Are you gonna obey the pretty doctor or no?” She felt she would have to stick her foot down with this one. His boldness was a surprise, but not an unwelcome one.

"I'm almost tempted to say no just to hear how you would plan to keep me in line." Darius replied softly, extending his hand slightly, taking her hand gently. He softly placing her fingers in his and looked to her with a playful smile. He had no intention of disobeying her orders when it came to his health, but he was feeling very at ease around her. Almost like he could let his guard down despite everything thats happened.

If only someone from the royal courts back home could hear what he is saying to a princess! Alice couldn’t help but be intrigued because of it, though. This physical is getting a little...physical. She allowed herself to enjoy the warmth of his hands. The ship so cold and hard. She felt like she knew his body well, and she was indeed a fan. How could she not be? She was only Risian. After a few seconds had gone somewhere, she gasped and jerked her head back. Three nurses were in her office, staring and whispering. “Oh no.” She moaned. She withdrew her hands and hugged her shoulders, looking ashamed and embarrassed.

Darius looked down for a moment before looking up, a hint of concern in his tone as he spoke, as if worried he crossed a line or went too far. "I apologize if I overstepped, Doctor. I was just looking to get you to smile, not make you uncomfortable." He took a hold of his uniform shirt and put it back on. As he reached for the uniform jacket he looked back to her. As he picked up the hyposprays he asked. "Is there anything else, Doctor?"

The doctor smiled. "No, it seems everything is in order." She glared at her assistants. Perhaps feeling bad for the breach of privacy, they all looked a little ashamed at spying on the new doctor. They retreated to the medical lab, leaving the two officers alone. "Don't worry about them commander. They've been sworn to secrecy. As if I don't already know all the officers that have been holding their hands while getting a physical." She laughed.

"I'm used to people staring at me." Darius said softly, holding his left arm up, before letting out a bit of a chuckle. "So being stared at doesn't bother me anymore. It's bound to happen, from time to time, so I accept it." He went back to looking at her, smiling as he nodded his head. "Thanks anyway, Doc." He got off the biobed and kept his eyes trained on her. "If you ever need anything security related just let me know." As he put his uniform jacket back on he added. "Or anything at all. I'd be happy to help."

The doctor nodded. "You can expect the same from us down here in sickbay. We're here for you."


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