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Searching for Supplies

Posted on Sun May 23rd, 2021 @ 8:16am by Lieutenant Touma Kamijou & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Ops Office & Cargo Bay

Lieutenant Touma Kamijou, made his way down to the Chief of Operations office a PADD in his hand. He had a request list of supplies that the science department needed. Operations should be able to get them on board or let him know when the shipments were due. He had already checked that the chief was in his office. Reaching out he rang the bell and waited patiently.

"Please come in," the Andorian lieutenant said from behind the metal and glass desk. Zon was going through duty rosters and supply reports. Energy allocation was always the toughest given the size of the massive starship.

"Ah Lieutenant. I'm Lieutenant Touma Kamijou, just popping by to ask about some supplies for the science department" he explained.

"Sure, did your allotted equipment not arrive in serviceable shape?"Zon asked as he set down the PADD he was working on, "Or was something forgotten?"

"I'm trying to locate a few items" he said passing him another PADD. "The problem is, there's no indication of which cargo bay they've been stored in" he explained.

The Andorian took the PADD and looked it over. He groaned slightly, "Yes, I see that," he said before looking at his terminal, "Hmm... According the manifest they should have been loaded into Cargobay 2 and then distributed to the science labs... I guess that didn't happen." He tapped on the screen, "Hmm, says delivered but clearly not... These items could be in Cargobay 2 or... Well, hopefully they are there." He stood up, "I suppose we should take a look," he said.

"Ideally" Touma replied. "Sorry for the bother, but with everything coming on and off ship I have no idea where to start looking" he explained. The Ermiana's cargo bays still had equipment to be unpacked as well as space being made for the equipment and systems to be salvaged from the Enterprise.

"It's no trouble Mr. Kamijou," Zon responded as he stood up from behind the desk, "I understand the confusion. I inherited no system from the temporary chief, so I've been forced to invent one on the run. Some things are still falling through the cracks unfortunately, such as your science equipment."

Touma smiled. "We're all in the same boat. Even Mikoto... I mean Captain Misaka has been getting frustrated at how rushed this has all been" he explained.

"I understand," Zon said, as he walked towards the door, "Hopefully this won't take too long... I know we all have plenty to do."

Touma walked after the Andorian. "I know I'm not the chief of sciences, but they're due to report on board soon. Obviously I want everything to be ship shape and in Bristol fashion before he comes aboard" he explained.

"I understand," Zon responded as they stepped into the corridor. He almost turned left but then turned right as he was still getting his bearings aboard ship. Upon reaching the turbolift he commanded the computer to take them to deck 4. "Hopefully it's in Cargo Bay two... Otherwise we have a dozen more to check and that will take forever," he said.

"These Galaxy Class ships are huge aren't they?"Touma asked as he walked.

"Cities in space," Zon said, "Sometimes it's a benefit, sometimes a hinderance." The turbolift doors opened, spilling out onto deck 4. The cargo bay was on the right. Zon stopped as the doors of cargobay opened and sighed noting the crates piled seeming at random around the giant room. "This will probably take awhile," he said.

"Sounds about right" Touma replied rolling up his sleeves. "However, I'm no stranger to good hard work. I mean you've met my girlfriend right" he laughed as they behan to look through the inventory.

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