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Undoing tension

Posted on Wed Sep 8th, 2021 @ 3:20pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Touma Kamijou

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Captain's quarters

"Captain's log. The cleanup of the Enterprise is almost complete, at least what we're here for. My Chief Engineer reports that 90% of the Starfleet equipment has been removed. The main phaser arrays were dismantled yesterday and are now being transported into the Ermiana's cargo bays.

The crew seem to be excited about finishing here, the aspect of moving onto a new place is certainly appealing. However I am still dubious about the Klingon vessel which has been causing minor problems in the area. We have had several engagements, however they claim to be from the House of Duras. If they are looking for Doctor Sorens trilithium weapon, they won't find it here.

We have just over five days left and then the civilian teams will be finishing off the rest of the work. It'll mainly be hull plating and bulkheads by then. The saucer section of the Enterprise will be nothing but a frame and support beams by then; such a shame for a legendary vessel to end that way. I hope that the Ermiana doesn't suffer a similar fate. Regardless, I am looking forward to moving on, and a nice break for the crew will be well recieved.

End log.

"You still worrying about those Klingons?" Toumas voice came from behind her. He approached from one of the couches that limed their quarters. He placed both hands on her shoulders beginning to massage them. "You're all tensed up Mikoto. Relax, an old ship like theirs can't harm ours as much as they think it can..."

The massaging felt nice, Mikoto couldn't help but relax a little. "I know. Bit it's not that that worries me. It's why they are here, we've been here nearly two months now and all they've done us lurk in the shadows and occasionally shouted at us. What are they planning and how can we plan to stop them of we need to"

Touma smirked. "There's only one plan you should be worried about right now" he told her softly.


"It's simple really. 'Science Officers log'" he said in a playful tone. "'The Beautiful Captain Mikoto Misaka is here with me. My aims for tonight is to show her that even a Captain needs some down time, we'll to be more specific in, down time in the bedroom department. It's about time she had some fun'" he said pretending to make a mock log.

Mikoto blushed. "OK fine" she sighed. She was about to add to that but Touma had leant in and kissed her. He broke free a few seconds later. She looked at him endearingly. "I could use the stress relief I guess"

"That's my girl" he said as he began to unzip her tunic. Mikoto was light so Touma pulled her up out of the chair, he removed both their comm badges. "No interruptions tonight, just me and you" he grinned as he carries her into the bedroom.

"I can walk you know!" Mikoto snapped at him as shecwas carried.

"You won't be able to soon Mikoto" he winked at her.

She blushed a deep shade of red. "OK..."

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