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Dr. Kendall Arrives to meet the captain.

Posted on Wed Mar 31st, 2021 @ 9:15pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Alice Kendall

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Hangar bay

Dr. Kendall applied the last of her touch-up. "ETA three minutes till docking, sir." The ensign sighed. Being the new CMO's babysitter was exhausting. What started as a simple retrieve and return mission turned into hours of packing plants into the runabout and another hour packing all of her clothes.

Rumor had it the new doc was royalty or something, which would explain all the expensive outfits. This lady didn't act like any royalty the ensign had ever known. Which was not many. She did however have the looks of one. He couldn't wait to tell his buddies how hot the new doctor was. He smiled to himself. Now I'll have a reason to visit sickbay, he thought. Dr. Kendall returned from the washroom. "Thank you, ensign. You've been a real help today." She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, something all Risians did, even to strangers. The ensign was frozen as if petrified. The only change in his features was the reddening of his face. The doctor ignored him. She was to meet with the captain personally upon arrival.

She wondered if she would meet her in the shuttlebay or on the bridge. She frowned to herself. Your royal ignorance is showing, she thought. The captain isn't going to welcome you aboard with the red carpet. It's your years of privilege that has conditioned you to think the captain of a starship would interupt their busy day with something so unimportant. Your here to do your job, so do it. The doctors mood was slightly dampened from this usual bit of self loathing. This changed once the runabout began to commence docking.

The butterflies in her stomach returned, and she found herself playing with her hair again, a nervous habit. She had read the crew manifest, researched the backgrounds of most of the officers and brushed up on her current day politics so that she would be totally prepared. Now, her mission had begun. Once the shuttle's doors had opened, Dr. Kendall hesitated to take the first step on the ship. Standing on the edge of the ramp, she thought to herself, "That's one small step for man..." and stepped onto the Ermiana.

[SickBay, shorly after.]

"Just set it wherever it'll fit, I'll take care of it later after I see the captain." Dr. Kendall told her ensign/indentured servant. He grunted from hauling the tons of plants, incubators, suitcases, test tubes and devices he had never seen before up so many decks. "Be a dear and take my luggage to my quarters after your finished." She looked around, taking in every nook and cranny of her new laboratory. She breathed in deeply. The signature clean, sharp starship air filled her lungs. "I like this place already." She walked into her office and looked into the mirror and started adjusting her hair. "Time to meet the captain!" When she was sure she looked as perfect as she could be, she walked back out and told the ensign, "No slacking ensign! Those nectar containers won't carry themselves!" She proceeded out the hall and into the turbolift. "Bridge, please. Its time to say hello to my new family."

[Ready Room]

Captain Misaka stood looking out of the viewport of the ready room as she watched the various shuttles and auxiliary craft work away around the large vessel. Doctor Bradford, the ships previous Chief Medical Officer had been recalled by Starfleet. It was safe to say that Mikoto wasn't pleased, but his talents were needed elsewhere. However today the ships new Chief Medical Officer was due to arrive.


The doctor stepped onto the bridge. A few crewmen glanced up at her, while others stared. Head held high, the new Chief Medical Officer walked over to the captains ready room, and walked in front of the sliding doors. They detected a crewmen outside the door, prompting the 'beep' notification to alert the captain.

Once the bell rung, Mikoto knew that the new CMO had arrived. "Come in" she called simply.

Dr. Kendall walked in and stood at a casual attention. Seeing the captain for the first time, she couldn't help noticing how...cute the she was. In her experiences, the cutest people often turned out to be the most clever. Giving her signature smile, she said, "Captain, chief medical officer Alice Kendall reporting for duty, sir."

Mikoto turned around to face the other woman. She gave her a small smile and held out a hand in a traditional human way of greeting. "Welcome aboard the Ermiana" she said simply. "I'm Captain Mikoto Misaka" she introduced herself.

"It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person, captain." She walked forward and shook her captains hand. She always liked the human's 'handshake' and refrained from kissing her, as is the custom greeting on Risa. She found out the hard way that that is disorienting and uncomfortable for some. "I always believe in a strong relationship between the captain and the rest of the crew."

Mikoto nodded as she gestured for the lieutenant to sit down. She herself slid neatly down into her own seat behind the smooth surface of the desk. "Yes. However this is my first time in command" Mikoto told her simply. She picked up a teapot which had been sitting to one side, accompanied by two cups. "Tea?" she asked holding the teapot up.

"Please!" While the captain was pouring, Dr. Kendall said, "You said 'however', captain. You seem to be doing well so far. I mean, just look at James Kirk's first command, and the things he achieved."

Mikoto began to pour out two cups of the tea whilst she smirked in a nervous way. "I am still trying to find the right distance between myself and the crew. This is a brand new ship and crew after all" she explained as she set the teapot aside and slid one towards the doctor. Cradling her in her fingers she took a sip. "I must ask however..." she paused for a second.

"Aren't you glad you weren't assigned to the Enterprise now that it's wreckage currently sits on the planet below?" she asked refering to the transfer request that showed in the Lieutenants file, which Mikot had open on her desk monitor. She had been looking it over earlier that morning before Alice had arrived.

She gave a soft, almost sad laugh. The destruction of the Enterprise was known throughout the quadrants. "Yes, I suppose so. Miraculously, there were light casulaties. If there even is such a thing as an upside to this whole situation."

Mikoto took a sip of her tea. "Indeed. However it seems like you still ended up on a Galaxy Class" she replied. "I also noticed it was your first time on a Galaxy Class Starship. Tell me doctor, there are over one thousand Starfleet Personnel, Civilians and Children on board. Do you feel liky ou are upto the task of running one of the biggest medical departments ever constructed on a starship?" she asked. The question was simply, she wanted to make sure that every officer under her command felt capable and confident enough to do their jobs, not just with satisfaction but much more.

Alice was slightly taken aback by the bluntness of the question, but was impressed by how sincere she seemed. She looked her in the eyes and said, "I have full confidence in my abilities, and hopeful in due time I'll be able to prove to you that my faith justified." She smirked, and decided to add an old Risian saying. "You have my heart, captain." Alice decided it was worth the risk sounding a bit strange, since it was so important for herself on a personal level to say it aloud to her captain.

Mikoto raised an eyebrow at the last comment, but shook it off putting it down to her Risian culture. Afterall they were a culture known for their hospitality and sexuality. "Good answer" she complimented her. "Now, just to let you know that Doctor Bradford had to leave pretty quickly for an emergency on another assignment. Starfleet decided to pull him away, so I can't vouch for how the ships sickbays are organised. You'll have to pick up where he left off. I do believe there are still some physicals to be done, however should you wish tore-do any then thats your prerogative"

"I was briefed about the last chief surgeon. I stopped by sickbay on my way here, and its nothing a little elbow grease won't fix. As for the physicals, I'll begin on them right as soon as possible. I will call down for every crew-member and meet with them individually." Alice finished her tea, surprised by how well it tasted. "Anything else I should be aware of captain, or have I taken up enough of your time?"

Placing her cup down and then her chin between her forefinger and thumb, Mikoto entered a typical thinking pose to answer the doctors question. "I believe everything you need should be in the computer... I can't think of anything else you might need to know off the top of my head" she explained with a shrug. She then placed both hands on her desk and locked eye contact with the Lieutenant. "However, I make it my business to allow my senior staff to have a say in the running of this ship. You'll find that out over time, but I do have one question" she paused. "Do you want to ask me anything? Nows the time to clear up any uncertainties and get them answered before you officially start duty"

She thought to herself, putting her forefinger on her lip. "Ummm., I don't believe so. I'm quite excited to get to work." Her smile turned into a frown. "There's maybe just something that I think I should let you know." She didn't want to say it, but remembered how sincere Mikoto sounded, asking about her qualifications to be where she is. "Captain, I'd just like to say that although I am of royal blood, as I'm sure you read on my file, I assure you it has nothing to do with my rise through the ranks to be where I am. I fought like an animal to get out here, and I feel I deserve it." She didn't want to sound like she was accusing the captain of prejudice. She blushed. "I just wanted to tell you so that your faith in me and your ship could be strengthened."

"You don't have to woo me over" Mikoto said. "You were assigned as the Chief Medical Officer of this ship for a reason, and its not to do with your status" she explained simply. "You will find that only the brightest and the best in Starfleet serve on vessels like this. I can assure you Lieutenant, that while you are under my command you will be treated equally in accordance to your position, rank and status as a Starfleet Officer" she sat back in her chair slightly. "I look forward to what you can bring to this ship and her crew"

"Of course." She felt a little embarrassed. Letting her self doubt come to the surface at such a time was uncommon. Well, I'll begin getting settled right away captain, with your permission of course."

"Of course" Mikoto said as she rose to her feet. "Once again welcome to the Ermiana. By all means dismissed" she said bowing slightly, an old tradition of the Japanese people which Mikoto still followed at times.

Alice returned the bow. 'So we're exchanging farewell gestures from our cultures', she thought. 'I'll share some of my Risian customs then.' "Farewell, captain." She said, and without the forethought to think twice, leaned forward and a gave her the most passionate kiss she could muster. "That's how we say goodbye on Risa, captain." She smiled, turned and walked out of the room. She decided she liked the captain. Despite her youth and small stature, she commanded your every attention and respect. She spoke with a gentle but firm tone of voice. This woman definitely had wisdom beyond her years.

Mikoto just stood there a little shocked as the lieutenant watched. "Well... that was..." she paused trying to find the right answer "...different". She slowly sat down back behind her desk. 'Mental Note. Keep an eye on that one...

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