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Obtaining Information

Posted on Sun Mar 28th, 2021 @ 11:01pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: USS Enterprise Wreck/Klingon Ship

The Klingon Vor'cha class cruiser hung silently above Veridian hidden slightly by the planets shadow. Down below at the wreck of the Enterprise it was dark, the middle of the night. Klingons weren't often known for sneaky attacks or their special operations. However this was different.

It was dangerous to work at night on the wreck, especially now that several sections of the once majestic starship had been removed leaving huge area where someone could fall or become seriously hurt. However that didn't stop the group of four Klingons who had launched from a cloaked shuttlecraft out of their vessel and headed down to the planet.

To avoid detection they had waited until the cover of the night to trek through the wild planets undergrowth. They were here for one reason, to hack into the Starfleet Computers on the crashed ship and extract several pieces of data. They reached the edge of the saucer section, luckily there had been several holdes cut into the side for access.

"We need to climb upto this deck" one of the Klingons said quietly as he pulled out a dimmed PADD with the schematics of a Galaxy Class on it. "There should be an access consoles somewhere near the core"

"Good" The lead Klingon said with a toothy grin. Kyrian, the chief science officer of the vessel led the way, keeping his hand near his disruptor on his belt. Luckily the Starfleet Engineers had activated the Enterprise's emergency lighting, so they didn't need to use their hand held lights in order to see.

Quietly they moved through the decks, many of them had now been stripped away. Kyrian held up a hand as he heard footsteps. They all shuffled quickly into a dark room. Two Humans passed armed with phaser rifles, no doubt a security patrol. He hadn't expected them to have patrols inside the actual wreck, however now that he thought about it, they made sense.

"Move" he whispered as they passed. A few minutes later, they reached their target. The Ships Computer core control room. They pulled the doors open.

"You, you" Kyrian commanded to two of the warriors. "Keep watch".

He moved to the center console which still had power and began tapping on its smooth surface. Out of a pocket he pulled out a replicated isolinear chip, the very same design to the ones used on the ship, however this was different. Slotting it in he smiled as it began to run a new program.

"Stupid Starfleet" he snarled to himself quietly as his program ran. He had designed this program to run through all the computer files and search and retrieve certain information, specifically that of anything to do with Trilihium. Everything from computer logs, coded messages and schematics would be downloaded and stored on the chip. He knew that there had to be something about it, his Captain had assured him of that.

Much to his relief a few minutes later he pulled out the chip and placed it in his top pocket where it was secured with a flap. "Lets go" he ordered quietly. "We have the information we need"

"What about taking out a few of those security patrols?" one of the other Klingons asked.

"Idiot!" Kyrian snarled. "If you do that they will know we have been here. Do you want their other ship to rain its weapons down on us killing us all and sending us to Gre'thor!"

The other Klingon backed down. He didn't want their mission to fail. Slowly the team of Klingons made their way back through the maze of what was once corridors and rooms before they arrived back at their entry point. The trek back to their shuttle took a good hour. It was necessary to land far enough away to avoid detection, but close enough to make the mission possible.

[A Little While Later]

"Captain" came the call. "The team has returned"

Captain Kulagh stood up from his chair and nodded. "Have Kyrian meet me in my chambers" he said simply. With that said he turned and left the bridge of the vessel.

Kyrian had acknowledged the order and was on his way to the Captains quarters when he had met him in the corridor. "Sir"he greeted simply. "I have the information"

"Good" Kulagh said as the doors to his chambers opened and both men stepped inside. The room was lit in semi-darkness. Kyrian produced the isolinear chip from his breast pocket and handed it to Kulagh. The Klingon captain ran it through his fingers, turning it over as if examining it.

"How long will it take to compile the information to make a Trilithium Torpedo?" she asked simply holding out the chip for Kyrian to take.

Kyrian took back the chip. "I am unsure as I have not yet examined the information. However if the correct information is present, I shall find it within two days. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to modify a photon torpedo. We can create Trilithium from some of our Dilithium reserves"

"Good" Kulagh responded. He placed a single hand on the old officer's shoulder. "You have done good my friend. You have brought honour to yourself. Rest now. Start work on this tomorrow morning. I will save a barrell of blood wine for when we achieve victory, just for us!" he said.

"Aye Captain" Kyrian replied. He bowed his head slightly before exiting the chambers. Tomorrow he would start his task at creating the ultimate weapon, the one which will bring the Duras name back into power in the Klingon Empire.


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