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Emergency Situation

Posted on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 2:02pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz & Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty
Edited on on Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 @ 2:04pm

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Observation Lounge

Mikoto ran a hand around her neck where the Klingon Csotain had restrained her. This now became more complicated with them showing up. Especially since there was still wreckage of the Klingon Bird of Prey in orbit and with a pre-warp civilisation on the neighbouring planet, it couldn't just be left there. Doing so could potentially contaminate their natural development when/if they achieve space travel.

"Computer. Recall all senior staff and assistant chiefs to the ship. Send out a priority one call for an emergency briefing in ten minutes" she said as she slid down into the chair of the head of the table in the observation lounge.

On the surface, Jamie was sitting 'Indian-style' on the floor in Commander Riker's quarters, going through the isolinear chips, cataloging between classified, top secret, secret, and personal data, as she got the emergency chime, shocking her, causing her to drop everything in a huge pile of isolinear chips as her pulse raced.

"Fine, fine, I know!" she said as the computer voice came through her commbadge asking her to beam out immediately. "Frack." she said as she breathed out, and gathered everything into a duffel bag, and zipped it up, as she started jogging to the nearest beam-out point, her chest jiggling as she did, reminding her of how her body had changed.

The klaxon alarms from the temporary loudspeakers rang through through the massive chamber where the primary computer core stood. Zon covered his ears and yelled at the top of his lungs, "Ensign, turn that noise off!" The alarm stopped but the echo continued to reverberate. Who ever though of making the loudspeakers an SOP should be drummed out of the service. Zon shook his head in annoyance, "Take over, they want me back on the ship, seems like trouble," he said, "Be prepared to blow the whole thing... Keep an open line to the transporter room."

Ensign Wright nodded in response. The young man's uniform was dirty and ripped, disassembling the computer core was taking nearly three times longer than the estimate.

Pete was at the bottom of the secondary impulse drive when the emergency comm went off. Just that second he was depressurizing a coolant pump nearly drowning himself. He spat out a mouthful of coolant. "Thank god this stuff isn't toxic." =A= Carter to Quinncannon .. Tina I'm transporting aboard for an emergency meeting. Have somebody meet me in transporter room 2 with a size 6 jumper and tell them to ready to help me into the damned thing. =A=

=A= Sure thing Pete, Quinncannon out =A=

--Beam-Out Point--
=/\=Ermiana, one to beam up,=/\= Jamie said as she tapped her badge. She reappeared in transporter room 3, and gave her duffel to the attending ensign. "Go ahead and make sure this is sent on to the crew of the Enterprise. It's all personal effects."

The ensign nodded as Jamie left to join the rest of the senior crew in the observation lounge on deck 1

[Observation Lounge]

It was always going to take a while for the senior staff to assemble, mainly because a few of them especially the Chief Engineer and Chief of Operations were down on the planet below. In the meantime, Mikoto had been going over the initial mission orders given to her by Starfleet as she waited for everyone to arrive.

Mac walked in and sighed "Captain What's is going on?" She asked.

Eventually Zon made his way into the observation lounge, his ears were still ringing from the alarm, "You rang Captain?" he asked with a strong dose of irony.

Dougherty walked in to the observation lounge wondering what the meeting was about. She knew the Klingons had arrived, as whispers and rumors never took long to pass around a ship, but what they were doing she didn't know.

Once everyone had arrived into the observation lounge and taken their seats, Mikoto looked around at them all. "As we are all now aware we have Klingons on our doorstep. It seems they are obsessed with looking for some sort of weapon" Mikoto began. "We need to come up with new methods of how we're going to operate without risks."

"Supporting personnel on the surface will be impossible in combat. If the Klingons send away teams down there again, there's not guaranteeing anything," Zon chimed in, the Andorian's antennae were standing straight up on top of his crown of silver hair, "We've salvaged a great deal of the ship and almost everything classified, personal or otherwise valuable has been retrieved or almost is... I would detonate the sight and return to port. Fully laden while in combat is a further risk, since we've had to adjust the ship's gravity and warp drive to accommodate overloading the ship."

Mikoto rested her chin between her thumb and index finger. "I see" she said. "Can you priorities the transfer of all data from the Enterprise to the Ermiana?" she asked. "Then, if the Klingons do manage to get to the core, it'll only be blank hardware?" she asked.

"Yes, that is almost finished. The current task has mainly been decommissioning the core itself," Zon responded, "We can detonate at any time, if need be."

"Lets leave that to be a last resort option" Mikoto replied.

Pete walked into conference room just as Zon started his report. Taylor looked like she was about to chew him out and shook his head 'not now'. "Ma'am please excuse the jumper, but I'd rather not drip coolant fluid all over the carpeting.

Zon's right we are well past the half way mark. We should have the computer core ready to be lifted out in what another two days, perhaps 3?" He looked at Jamie and Zon. "After we get the primary core and the two secondary's out. The only big ticket item is the impulse core, and I was working on that when you called. Once all that's finished, we can blow the remaining structural supports and leave the scrap to the Renaults people."

"Yes, two days should do it," Zon responded, "We could rush, although the crews are already working double shifts."

"Unique data to the Enterprise is currently being copied, using much of our subspace bandwidth," Jamie reported. "The most important information will finish by midnight."

"McDowell and I were planning a multi shuttle heavy lift." Carter said as he leaned against the bulkhead. "We just can't transport something that damned big with what we have. Not with all the wreckage around it." He looked over at Jim Henderson who had taken over for McDowell. "Are your pilots ready?"

Henderson nodded.

"Make it top priority" Mikoto said simply. "Now its not exactly going to be a walk in the park, especially when we now have hostile Klingons hanging around" she explained to them.

"Doctor" she said turning to Bradford. "I want you have medical teams on standby at all times. This heavy work can be dangerous, there's bound to be injuries. Plus with those Klingons knocking around, if they attack again I want everyone in decent condition" she told him. "Did you manage to salvage any of the Enterprise's medical components?"

The doctor nodded in response. "Most of the medical section of the Enterprise is now on board" he reported simply.

Mikoto nodded. at least they had got most of the ships cargo and basic supplies now safely on board. She stood up from her seat and stood at the end of the table. "It seems like we've been given the short end of the stick again. I know that Starfleet want results, after all this used to be their Flagship. There's probably a dent in their pride around the subject. Stay vigilant, if you see anything suspicious or you see something that you don't think looks right. Alert me immediately, if those Klingons are after a classified information, it could mean that a lot of people lose their lives" she straightened up. "Any further questions?"

"Good. Let's get to work people" Mikoto said simply as she stood up.

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