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Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty

Name Jamie Lynn Dougherty

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human
Age 24
Date of Birth January 19, 2347
Place of Birth Earth
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 145
Hair Color red
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Jamie is 5'11" and 34H-26-38, with big, red, curly hair and striking blue eyes. She has a strong presence, and an authoritative soprano voice. She is curvy and knows it, but doesn't try to overly emphasize it.


Partner n/a
Relationship Status Single
Children n/a
Father Robert Edward Dougherty
Mother Mary Anne Dougherty
Brother(s) Joseph E., Patrick, Albert Sidney
Sister(s) Rose Anne, Sarah Emma, Emma Lynn
Other Family several uncles and aunts and cousins

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jamie is a strong personality, likely due to her mother's Scottish heritage, and her father's Georgian heritage coming together. She is inquisitive, and likes tinkering with things. She likes getting her hands dirty, often doing things herself. She's an extroverted introvert, preferring her interactions with large groups in short bursts.
Strengths & Weaknesses Jamie's strengths are her eidetic memory, intuitive ability to see how things work, and find a solution, even if it's not 'textbook.' She's loyal and tries to keep in touch with her friends, even if it's been years since they last saw each other, something more important when spending years away from home on a starship. Her weaknesses are her slight social anxiety due to her forced DNA alteration at the hands of the Orion syndicate, and her tendency to hold a grudge can sometimes preoccupy her mind, and her need to take pheromone blockers so that her body doesn't make excess pheromones or react to male pheromones as much, otherwise she would disrupt normal crew functions on the ship.
Ambitions Jamie wants to become a chief engineer one day, and in her spare time designs new starships that she hopes to build for Starfleet one day.
Hobbies & Interests Jamie likes tinkering, and one of her favorite things is working on her vintage 1982 Trans Am, and it's part of one of her favorite holodeck programs. Sometimes she plays bagpipes (thanks mom), reads engineering technical journals (and submitted articles in a few), hikes the Appalachian Trail on Earth or on the holodeck, and relives historic events on the holodeck. She also cooks and grows her own food in the hydroponics areas on the ships she's assigned, always looking for new recipes and food. She speaks English, Klingon, Niw Englisch, and German.

Jamie eats a lot, but her body burns calories at a much higher rate than regular humans. She loves racing cars, playing sentai in the holodeck, and card games.

Personal History Jamie grew up in a loving household on a farm in Georgia, in a parallel universe where the 19th century went very differently, but Starfleet still came about, just slightly differently. She had a high aptitude for engineering and figuring things out, and entered Starfleet Academy, graduating at the top of her class, hoping to serve one day on the Enterprise-D. Growing up, she visited planets like New Germany, New Britannia, Nova Roma, and Niwu EorĂ°e, which impressed her enough to join Starfleet rather than work for a number of ship-building companies on Earth or Mars or orbiting the moon. She graduated the top of her class, and was in line to get a posting on one of the newer ships based on her aptitude batteries.

Two events changed her life. Her family was traveling from New Germany and hit a subspace anomaly, and when they finally came out of it, found themselves in a parallel reality where almost everything was the same, just a few things were different. When they went to Earth, they were debriefed by Starfleet and were asked not to talk about their home reality to avoid possible public panic. That was her graduation trip with her parents before receiving her assignment.

Her second was a tragedy, after having been cleared by Starfleet for duty, she went on a shuttle to the shipyards, she and several of her fellow graduates were attacked by what they thought were Orion pirates, and captured. They were taken to a derelict station once known as Bellringer Station, a genetic research facility, and were forcibly altered at a genetic level. The Orions sought to use her as an infiltration agent, changing her appearance and enhancing her 'persuasive' ability so that she could acquire secret information and relay it back to the Orions to be used for blackmail, selling, or other purposes. Before they could program her as a sleeper agent, though, Starfleet tracked her ion trail and rescued everyone. They spent several months in therapy, and were then declared fit for duty. Jamie now awaits her first shipboard assignment.

She and her family don't talk about being from an parallel reality, as parallel universes and travel between them are still classified to the public.
Service Record 2347-01-19: born in Montezuma, GA
2364-08-17: joined Starfleet
2368: graduated Starfleet Academy
2371: joined the USS Ermiana