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Enter the Klingons

Posted on Mon Dec 21st, 2020 @ 4:59pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Briefing Room

(Transporter Room)

Mac came into Transporterroom with three security officers including Lieutenant Commander Cayne. "Please stand by with phasers," Mac said.

The Klingons appeared a few moments later on the transporter pad. The large Klingon man, obviously the Captain towered above the other officers. He looked around his dark eyes observing every part of the room before looking down at the two officers awaiting him.

"I see your Captain has sent you to escort me to her" he snarled. "I see she doesn't have the honour to greet me herself" he commented as he stepped down.

Mac just gestured to the door "Come." Was all she said.

(Observation Lounge)

Mikoto wasn't looking forward to this. Dealing with Klingons was always tricky. She had taken a seat at the end of the table in the Observation Lounge awaiting for the Klingon Captain.

The Klingon Captain walked through the doors into the Observation Lounge. He didn't seem too pleased at being escorted by someone less than the ships Captain. "I will get straight to the point" he growled simply as he walked towards Mikoto.

"I am Captain Kulagh of the House of Duras. My ship and I are here to investigate the destruction of the Lursa and Betor. I trust you have heard of them. Since the wreckage of their ship is currently in orbit!" he said his voice slightly raised. "You are to answer for their deaths Captain!"

Mikoto rose to her feet. "I will not answer for their deaths. Because I wasn't the one responsible for their demise" she told him simply. "If you haven't noticed we are engaged in cleanup activities of one of our own vessels, the remains of which now sit on the surface of the planet below"

"We have been observing you yes. We have determined that it was Klingon weapons fire that took down your precious Enterprise" he snarled. He seemed proud to announce that it was a Klingon that took down the former Federation Flagship. "However, it seems suspicious that you're here now in the same system of a glorious battle. Tell me, Captain, you couldn't resist, could you? You saw the wreck of your precious Starship and then you decided to get your revenge"

"That's not how it happened" Mikoto replied simply. "From the official logs and records on the Enterprise that we have recovered and eye-witness accounts; the Klingon vessel attacked the Enterprise and was destroyed by them in self-defence. Not before the Klingon bird of prey managed to damage them enough to cause a warp core breach"

The Klingon captain straightened up as if trying to intimidate the Starfleet Officers. "Logs can be falsified and altered" he growled. "I doubt that the honourable Duras sisters would be defeated so easily. They stood against Gowron!"

Mikoto sighed. "All I know is that its not my mission to determine what happened here. Or to point fingers Captain Kulagh. There is a pre-warp civilization on one of the neighbouring planets in this system. Therefore I am ordered to clean up the wreckage of the battle to prevent contamination of their natural development" she told him. "I however will allow you to remove the wreckage of the Klingon Bird of Prey should you wish. After all, that wreckage belongs to the Klingon Empire, not us"

The Klingon Captain stood there for a few seconds in silence. "I see" he said not taking his eyes off of Mikoto. "I will get to the truth here. There is no way I will allow for my house leaders to be killed by Starfleet without our rightful vengeance" his voice dropped to a low tone. "Someone will be held responsible"

"Take it up with Captain Picard, or Commander Riker then" Mikoto replied back coldly. "Surely you've heard of them. They were the ones in command"

"But they are not here now are they...." he paused. He locked eyes with Mikoto and a smile stretched across his face. "You are!"

He moved fast, stepping closer to Mikoto and grabbing her quickly with one of his large hands. Mikoto wasn't able to move quickly enough neither did she have the strength to fight against the Klingons strong grip. He produced a disruptor pistol from his belt and pushed it against the side of Mikoto's head.

"Don't bother Starfleet. I want all of your tactical data, all of your intelligence information and everything you have on the Trilithium Weapon that the Duras Sisters was working on. If not then you're pretty little Captain here will quite literally lose her head!" he demanded. "I intend to finish what they started. I will reclaim the Klingon Empire for the Duras family. Even if it means going against my honour!".

"What do you plan to accomplish from this?" Mikoto asked as she struggled against the Klingon. "What is this 'Trilithium Weapon' that you speak of? I have no idea what you are wanting from us" she explained simply. The logs on the destruction of the Enterprise D were partially classified, especially regarding Dr Soren's work. Even Mikoto was not privileged to that information.

"You do know. That's why you are here. Not just to clean up your mess and cover what you did, but to reclaim the information you don't want us to know!" he said back. He locked eyes with the commander.

"Now, Commander," he said still holding the pistol to Mikoto's head. "Get that information"

Mac handed him a data padd with all the information on it.

Kulagh relaxed his grip slightly on Mikoto. That gave her the opportunity that she needed. With force, she drove the heel of her boot into the Klingons shin causing him to yell out in pain. She managed to break free and pulled herself away from him.

She grabbed one of the hand phases from one of the security guards. "Get off my ship," she said simply her voice hostile and stern.

"What you going to do? Shoot me?" Kulagh laughed.

"I could. You've pissed me off enough. So I'd take what honour you have left and go back to your flea-ridden excuse of a ship before I put you there unconscious!"

"How dare you!" He growled.

"I said..." she lowered her voice. "Get. The Hell. Off. My. Ship!" She kept the phaser pointed at him.

He growled again in response before turning and striding out of the room. "Make sure he gets where he needs to be. Have tactical keep a close eye on his ship" she ordered.

Mac followed with a phaser in hand and followed the Klingon. she said nothing.

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