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Commissioning Drinks (Backpost)

Posted on Mon Dec 21st, 2020 @ 5:59pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Touma Kamijou & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Avram Bradford Dr. & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz & Lieutenant JG Scott Tracy
Edited on on Mon Dec 21st, 2020 @ 6:04pm

1,000 words; about a 5 minute read

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Ten Forward

"Come on, you should come with me," Touma said simply as he zipped up his uniform. He turned to face the Captain, an odd strange smile on his face. "You really should"

"Touma, I'm the Captain now. I need to keep a respectable social distance" Mikoto replied simply crossing her arms. She was sitting on the sofa that lined the windows of the Captains Quarters, one leg crossed over the other. It didn't seem like she had any intention to move from her spot. "I can't, it's not good for protocol"

Touma sighed. "Screw the protocol. This is your ship, isn't it? Why not go and actually Meet some of your crew, that doesn't involve giving orders or being around a table. Come on, just come with me" he told her. He had been bugging her for the last hour now about the social gathering that was currently occurring in Ten Forward, the large main bar/lounge area usually found on Galaxy Class Starships.

The event had been put together to allow officers on the ship to get to know one another. Attendance, of course, was not mandatory, however, it was encouraged. An off duty event was always a good way to get to know your peers without having the constraint of the chain of command getting in the way. Mikoto, however, didn't think it was appropriate for her to be there, she knew that most Captains kept their social distance from their crews. It helped maintain respect and kept things in order.

"Oh, come on" Touma walked over to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her up. "Just give it a try Mikoto. What's the worst that can happen?!"

[Ten Foward]

Ten Forward was its usual busy atmosphere, there were already several officers dotted around. Many of them were gathered at the bars or around the edge of the room. There were several civilian servers and bartenders working behind the bar and around the room serving drinks and light food.

Mac and Scott walked in together smiling. "Evening Captain. How are you?" Mac said with Scott on her arm.

Mikoto glanced away for a second. "I'm not too bad... although, I'm being dragged here"

"Same but we need to be accessible for the crew. me more so than you. " Mac smiled at the captain

Mikoto just smiled. "Getting Mikoto to loosen up is like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone" Touma laughed as he held out z hand to the Executive Officer.

"I don't believe I've met you yet. Touma Kanijou, at the moment I'm acting Chief of Science until we get a proper chief. Also, I'm the one who's with this one" he placed a hand on Mikoto's shoulder and grinned.

Mac laughed "I'm Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Taylor, I am the Executive Officer and lead shipbuilder of Ermiana." she smiled "This is Lieutenant Junior Grade Scott Tracy. My boyfriend." Scott held out his hand.

"Nice to finally meet the exec" Touma grinned. "This seems like a double date though" he laughed. He beckoned with his hand towards the bar, indicating that they should get a drink to mingle.

Zon, the Chief Operations Officer was leaning up against the bar. The Andorian looked at the pair as they approached, "Good evening," he said, holding a glass of blue liquid, "Thank you for putting together this soiree, Mr. Kamijou."

"Wait. This was your idea?" Mikoto asked turning to Touma.

He simply smiled. "Me and a few others" he smiled. "No problem. Hows everything in ops?"

"Oh, sorry didn't mean to throw you under the bus or anything," Zon responded with a smirk and blushing a tad. "Well, busy. Getting ready for the mission and all. It's a logistical nightmare trying to find a places to store something half the size of the ship... Hopefully we won't be a lumbering garbage scow with all of the Mass."

Touma nodded. "I can imagine. However there are those civilian contractors right?" He asked. They did have their own ships and several cargo hauliers for the materials that Starfleet didn't want to save to be recycled.

"True, still, we are talking about a great deal of mass," Zon commented, "So far they've seem capable enough. We will find out one way or another." He looked at the captain, "Operations will pick up the slack, I assure you Captain," he quickly added.

Mikoto smiled at the Andorian. "We're off duty right now. This is meant to be a social occasion. Do no more work chit chat" she explained softly.

"Sorry," Zon said, embarassed. His cheecks turned slightly bluerer, "Bad habit, I suppose." He took a sip from his glass. "So, anyone catch the Parisses Square's match?" he asked with a laugh.

"I think that Johnson could have handled better" Touma replied as he took a dip of his drink. "I mean he's meant to be the best on the team right?"

Mikoto sighed as she turned and watched the crew socialising. She knew that she needed to do something, so she used a spoon to tap the side of her glass raising attention.

"I want to just say that as your Captain. I am looking forward to serving with you all. This is a brand new ship and my first crew as Captain. Let's show the rest of Starfleet how good we can be. For now have some fun, but for those on duty tomorrow morning, don't be late" she announced which was followed by a round of applause.

"Well said" Touma teased.
"Oh quiet you" Mikoto replied. "Let's just have a some fun huh. This is my first command so I want it to be a good one" she explained as she took another sip from her drink.

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