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Snooping Around, Klingon Style.

Posted on Tue Dec 29th, 2020 @ 2:01pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Klingon Vessel

HoD (Captain) Kulagh stepped off the transporter pad back on his own vessel fuming at how that Starfleet Captain had treated him. He wasn't too fond of being beaten by a Human Female either. "This got more complicated that I originally planned" he growled as he stormed down the corridor back towards his bridge.

"We still have our men on the planet sir" the officer at the tactical station reported as he entered. He took his place in the center chair.

"Good. Hopefully they will turn up more results and we bought them some time". His plan was to originally bide some time for the landing team to try and gain access to the wreck of the Starfleet vessel, by distracting the command staff of their own vessel. After all it was one of Starfleets weaknesses, they couldn't do anything without their Captain saying so.

"Engage the cloaking device and move us closer to the wreckage of the Bird of Prey" he ordered simply. "Maybe we can find something in there that may be a clue. No doubt that the Starfleet Ship doesn't know about our ships backup systems" he said sitting back in his chair. Indeed much like all Federation Ships, the Klingon Vessels had a 'black box' type of device which even when the ship was destroyed may still be recoverable and the data obtained. That is what Kulagh wanted, he could only hope that the box pointed them towards the Trilithium Weapon.

The cloaked Vor'cha Class Cruiser approached the debris field slowly. Over the last few week it had spread wide over a large area. It now covered over ten thousand kilometers. The force of the explosion had blasted it out that far and with minimal gravity in the area it had kept drifting. The Starfleet vessel had originally been sent to this system to 'clean up'. A pre-warp civilization cherished on a neighbouring planet, not that Kulagh cared. It wasn't his problem and his mission to be the galaxy's janitor.

"Find the box!" he ordered. "I want the data from it". He stood up, his figure towering above the others slightly on his raised platform where the center chair sat. He made his way towards the rear of the bridge. "I shall be in my cabin. Do not disturb me until you have found that box!". With that said he strode off.

[Several Hours Later]

Kulagh had been laid on his bunk, dritfing between sleep and anger for the last few horus when the communications system summoned him.
"HoD" a rough Klingon voice called through the speakers. It was the voice of his Chief of Science. A under-used and not well respected position aboard a Klingon Warship. Although la'hom (Lieutenant Commander) Kyrian had worked his way up as a science officer to a senior rank over the space of forty years. Apart from Kulagh himself, Kyrian was one of the oldest and most experienced warriors on the ship.

"You have something for me la'hom?" Kulagh asked.

"Yes sir" Kyrian replied. "I have obtained the box. Do you want the honour of being the first to access the data". Kulagh sat upright from his bunk. Climbing out he stood up to full height. "I shall arrive shortly". True to his promise he did and walked into the cramped science lab, if you could call it that. The Science Lab on the Vor'cha Class Attack Cruiser was nothing more than a glorified broom closet. The small room had a few computer consoles, a small work table and seemed to be tucked out of the way. Afterall this was a ship of war, there was no need for an extensive science lab on a warship. Kulagh himself appreciated the fact they even had such a facility so he could at least utilise it when he wanted.

"Kyrian, my old friend" Kulagh said as he walked in, slapping both hands to each side of the older Klingon man's Humerus's. "Show me".

The older Klingon smiled a toothy grin as he led the HoD over to the workbench. A battered small device sat on the bench. It had been hooked up to the computer banks and screens by several wires, a bit of a mess as they all seemed to be tangled and crosswired.
"It is very badly damaged" Kyrian explained as he tapped away on the computer console, its red, orange and black display beeping as he played around to access the device. "I apologise HoD. There is no data in here apart from the last few minutes before the ships destruction"

Kulagh scoffed. "It is not your fault. I doubt that Lursa or Betor would have wanted the information of the weapon to be picked up by just anyone. It was a shot in the dark, but I could not rest until I knew" he paused. "But, you say it showed who destroyed the ship. Show me. At least we then know and can gain vengence so they can rest in Sto-Vo-Kor as warriors!"

The older Klingon nodded as he brought up the visual sensor record. It showed the Klingon Bird of Prey firing photon torpedoes and disruptor shots at a Galaxy Class Starship. Kulagh watched as the shots passed directly through the larger ships shields, impacting the hull and causing major hull breaches. Kulagh paused the playback.

"Does the Starfleet Ship have the same breaches as seen in this image?" Kulagh asked.

Kyrian turned to his console. "No HoD. However the one on the planet does match"

"I see". He responded as he resumed the playback. The image began to faze, like a cloaking device was activating. "The ship was cloaking..." he spoke to himself. He watched as a Photon Torpedo launched from the rear launcher of the Galaxy Class Vessel. It came swirling over the vastness of space towards the Bird of Prey as if seeking its target.

"This reminds me of the Battle of Khitomer with General Kang against the Enterprise and Excelsior" he muttered to himself. Much to his appearance HoD Kulagh once studied Klingon History. The photon torpedo got closer, much closer and then the image was cut off just as its blidning orange light became too intense.

"Does anyone else know of this?" he growled.

"No" Kyrian replied.

"Good. I want it to be kept that way. Your job now is to determine why they decided to cloak when they had the most tactical advantage! Use anything you need. Top priority!" he ordered simply. "If it was because they were foolish, or were they sabotaged. I want to know"

"Yes HoD" Kyrian replied. "I shall work on it immediately"

Kulagh nodded. "I am returning to the bridge" he stated before walking out of the room. It was a disturbing thought that the flagship of Lursa and Betor was destroyed simply by one Starfleet Photon Torpedo. Also he needed to know how the ship that destroyed them ended up on the planet below, or should he say, half of the ship. Where was the other half.

"HoD" an officer said as he entered the bridge. "I have detected other debris which does not belong to a Klingon Vessel"

"Other Debris?" Kulagh asked. "What is it!"

"Scans determine that it seems to be comprised of Tritanium Alloy, Deuterium, Dilithium and Verterium Cortenide. That means...." however the officer was cut off by the HoD who had taken his chair and was not leaning forward in contemplation.

"Its the wreckage of a Federation Vessel. Move us in closer. I want to investigate this..."


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