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Locating a Legend

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 6:45pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Peter Carter Jr

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Veridian System

After just over ten days at warp, the Ermiana dropped to impulse on the outer edge of the Veridian system. Mikoto entered the bridge from her ready room, they were early which pleased her. She took the few steps up to the command area and turned to face the viewscreen. An eerie silence fell upon the room awaiting her orders.

"Lieutenant. Take us in. Get us in orbit of Veridian Three" she ordered. "Lets get some scans of the system and the surface. We should know what we're getting into". No doubt they would pick up wreckage from both the Bird of Prey and Enterprises Star Drive section which would also need to be removed.

McDowell nodded. "Aye." He pushed the impulse engines to full power and within minutes the mighty Galaxy-class Starship was entering orbit above what was left of her sister ship, the Enterprise. "Now entering standard orbit of Veridian Three." He announced as the Ermiana achieved orbit.

"I've picked up the wreck of the Enterprise Captain. I can put it on the viewer if you wish" Ensign Marino reported from the side science consoles. "I'm peforming a deep resolution scan" he added.

Mikoto nodded. "On screen Ensign. Lets have a look at what shape she's in".

The image of the crashed Saucer Section of the Enterprise emerged on the screen. The damage to its exterior didn't look that bad, although the trees around it as well as the immediate area was badly damaged. The Enterprise must have slid a good couple of miles when it had impacted with the forest. The registry number, NCC 1701 D could clearly be seen along with the name on the outer hull.

"Looks in better shape than what I had expected" Mikoto said simply as she stared at the image of the wreck. Indeed it was impressive, however it also looked sad. The crashed ship, once a legend's only fate was now to be dismantled and recycled. It was not how such a Starship should have gone; however it went out saving lives and that is the more important.

Mikoto tapped her comm badge. "Captain Misaka to all hands. We have arrived at Veridian Three. The wreck of the Enterprise has been located. All departments, begin salvage operations. You all have your assigned tasks, so lets waste no time. Captain out"

=A= Carter to Bridge .... Captain, we're just about set. Permission to start our first transports to the surface in an hour? If my guess is correct that should put us on the ground just as the suns coming up over the area. =A=

"Permission granted Lieutenant" Mikoto replied. She turned on a heel as she made her way towards the turbolift. She was also going to beam down, there was something she wanted to do before the salvage operations began.

=A= Yes ma'am, Carter out. =A= As he closed the comm he hooked his pinky fingers in his lip and let out a whistle. "You all know your safety proceedures, if you are on the surface it's a hard hat zone. Anybody in a black hat is a team leader, green are medico's, red security, white is everybody else. Got it!" There were a few grunts and a groan or two. "Once we get on the ground I want those three 30 foot tents set up first, and then the 15 footers.

After that Quincannon, Douglas and Tez, take your teams and start an overall survey of the shell of the the Enterprise and mark out anything and everything that looks shaky, I don't want anybody falling through her skin.

Thomas, Dangle, and DeAngelis, I want your teams to put 25 x 25 foot access holes in the outer skin and work your down. All the remaining teams, once those holes are cut and stabilized fan out and get to stripping. Get to your shuttles, we leave in 45."


"Commander. I'm going to beam down. There's one thing I want to see" she said simply. "The ship is yours until I return"

Mac said "Aye Captain. The Bridge is mine until you return."

Mikoto nodded as she stepped into the turbolift. At least now she could get something done that needed doing before anything else. "Transporter room" she said simply just as the doors closed.

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