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The Supply Depot

Posted on Mon Jun 10th, 2024 @ 3:33am by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Breeze & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Commander Eila Juutilainen 'Illu' & Lieutenant Felicie Giehl & Lieutenant JG Kromal Ezazzan & Lieutenant JG Feeva Drylo
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Mission: The Search
Location: USS Ermiana/Maquis Supply Depot

The Ermiana hung in orbit of the Maquis base whose defences had been obliterated by the ship's weapons. Transporter operator warrant officer Jennings stood at the controls of transporter room two. As ordered he had found a spot for Commander Juutilainen's away team to beam down and was now awaiting their arrival.

Down in Sickbay, Feeva was prepping to receive casualties. This wasn't her first rodeo, and she expected many. She prepped an entire wing, just in case, hoping that it was a "better safe than sorry" thing she was doing. The Vissian was often overly cautious, and sometimes that benefitted her and sometimes it didn't. Time would tell.

[Transporter Room One]

Any other first officer would have probably assembled an away team composed solely of security officers, as beaming into a dangerous situation would rightfully warrant such a composition.

Eila, however, was not your ordinary first officer: While she saw the necessity of having security personnel on the away team, she understood that there was more nuance than simply bringing a bunch of guys with guns. As such, Eila had factored in the potential for people to be wounded, and the composition of her away team reflected this; as among the gold shirts shuffling into the transporter room with her, there were also those wearing teal.

That wasn't to say Eila had selected just anyone from medical for the away team: Eila had specifically selected combat medics to accompany her and the security personnel. Hence why everyone, even the medical personnel, was armed with phaser rifles.

"Warrant officer Jennings;" Eila addressed the appointed transporter operator. "I take it you've found an ideal location for us to beam in?"

"Yes Commander," Jennings said with a nod. "I'm putting you down near one of the main cargo storage areas. My scans show that there aren't many lifeforms there, so it should be safe to beam in."

Felicie walked into the transporter room per the Commander's request for her to be on the away team. She left Sickbay well in the hands of her assistant chief knowing that she would have everything well in hand. "Reporting as requested, ma'am," she said. "As well as armed," she commented having stopped at the armory on her way up to the transporter rooms.

"Much appreciated, Lieutenant:" Eila responded before turning to Jennings "Well, shall we beam down?"

[Transporter Room Two]

A second 'beta' team was to be led by Commander Lurath. The idea was to beam into two separate areas and secure the depot as quickly as possible.

Kromal reported to the transporter room promptly. He was quiet as he entered, observing.

Lurath was the last to walk through the doors of the Transporter room, flanked by two other security officers. He held a phaser rifle in his hand, but also his families Klingon dagger sheathed on his thigh. He checked the setting and strength of his phaser rifles as he stepped toward the transporter pad, then stopped. Lurath was leading this team. He was leading it as a Starfleet officer, true, but he was also leading it as a Klingon and tradition called for him to say a few words before a battle. Something to give the other members of his team inspiration and energy to fight through adversity and cease the day. To capture glory and honor.

The half Klingon looked around the room, at the others, as he cleared his throat. "Klingon's have a saying. Perhaps you've heard of it. Today is a good day to die. There is much debate between Starfleet and Klingons of its origins, but we are taught as young warriors that death in battle is a great honor. Starfleet does not believe that we officers should take death so lightly. So... I say this." He paused for a moment, looking around at them all, as he said. "If today is your day to die, then do not go lightly. Do not go quietly. Go down fighting. Go down knowing, that should you fall... this officer will avenge you and bring you home to be laid to rest with others who have fallen in this uniform." Lurath stepped onto the transporter pad and added. "I feel a great deal of sympathy for the Maquis who tries to take me down. They are about to find it very difficult." As he finished, he nodded to the transporter chief.

[Ten Forward]

Breeze was filling her duties as the ship 'hovered' ; that being the correct word, over the Depot. She did not have the best angle from the view ports in the lounge, but the tensions of the crew was quite strong and louder than normal in her mind. She had her 'filters up a notch or two to fade out the 'White Noise' of so many thoughts jst floating about the ship.

She had extra Tea and Coffee brewing to be distributed in both the Sick Bay Triage and the Cargo areas as they would be quite busy from the feel of things. Breeze had her own Field Medical Bag as she is technically a First Responder, not that she required the bag so much until the close quarters of working with the wounded. Breeze had to take care not to over extend what could be done; after all, she is not a Doctor, more of a Healer in that respect.

Most medical people saw themselves in that same way; as healers, so Breeze just kept with that vantage as she worked in the Sick Bay at times. Herself being quite healthy and more immune to things most are not helped her with being a good technician in her Medical Support Role, a basic knowledge of the 'Tools of the Trade under her belt and a desire to really of of help. Though in the Triage she smiled to convey her thoughts more than the using her signing and Translator as her hands are often occupied with the work at hand.

Breeze hoped she is not needed to support; that means the mission will go off safely.


Misaka switched the main viewer to the tactical mode, showing a top down map view of the Maquis base, provided by the sensors and analyzed by the ship's main computer. She watched as little Starfleet comm badge symbols appeared, each on representing a member of the away team. Each symbol had the name of whom it represented under.

[Maquis base]

As the transporter beams of Eila's away team materialized in the Maquis base, they did so in a room stacked high with various crates of supplies. Jennings had been right: This was the cargo area alright.

"Start scanning these crates and mark anything that could be useful to these guys for immediate beam out." Eila ordered.

Only a few seconds after the Alpha team materialized in the cargo area a klaxon started sounding. The doors of the cargo area burst open and the sound of people rushing in could be heard. It was soon followed by phaser and disruptor fire aimed in the direction of the away team. The Maquis had arrived.

"Commander," one if the security officers called. He was using his tricorder to pin-point the enemy positions. "I'm reading four hostiles at ten and eleven o clock."

"Shit..." Eila cursed. "It's an ambush! Everyone find cover!"

Eila dove behind a crate and primed her phaser rifle. Peeking through her scope to get a better look at her assailants before ducking back behind cover as the crates were peppered by phaser and disruptor blasts.

"Commander!" Security officer Cottaris shouted over the sound of weapons fire. "Orders sir?!"

It hadn't taken long for Eila to realize that their team was outnumbered and outgunned. As such, remaining in their present location was not an option, lest they wished to be killed. They needed to isolate their attackers into smaller groups where they would be easier to subdue:

"We need to find a way out of this area!" Eila shouted back. "It's a damn turkey shoot right now, and we're the turkeys!"

"You're not kidding!" came the response. The Starfleet security officers returned fire, bright orange beams darting across the room.

After several moments the sound of phaser fire stopped. One of the security officers peeked out from his position and scanned the room with his eyes. "We either got them, or they've retreated."

[Command Area]

The main command center of the depot was heavily shielded protecting anyone from beaming in. Instead beta team led by Commander Lurath were beamed into the adjacent corridor where they could force access to the command area.

Lurath immediately gripped his phaser rifle and looked around to get an idea of their position. He motioned for the team to wait before advancing forward. He kept his rifle raised and eyes locked ahead as they approached the door leading into the Command area. He looked behind him at the team and took a second to think of a way to utilize them. For a brief moment, he questioned whether he should send Kromal through first. The shock of a Gorn coming through the doors would certainly catch anyone in there off guard. However, Lurath wasn't about to send him in not knowing the type of weapons the Maquis on the other side had with them. He could be sending Kromal in to die and he wasn't about to do that to a fellow officers. The Gorn was an Ops officer, though.

"Lieutenant Ezazzan..." He whispered as he motioned for him to come to him. When the Gorn was close enough, Lurath said. "Can you find access the doors controls and unlock it?"

"On it," the Gorn said, knowing the risks, but perhaps being unusually qualified for being silent.

Kromal lowered himself and, in quite the quick instance, disappeared as he slinked between the edges of the walls like a lizard on a rock face. It would be quite unnerving to see him one moment then the next have difficultly following, however Kromal was quick, and in short order he found a plate to the controls for the access doors and began to tinker with them. He was quiet as he worked, claws only for a bit, but a few seconds later and grabbing something from his bag of tools, he had done the job. Moving back to the location of Lurath, he slinked upward.

"Done," he remarked, though there was some slight strain in his voice.

Several Maquis immediately rushed out. They held Cardassian rifles and instantly spotted the large Gorn in the Starfleet Uniform. Without hesitation they aimed and opened fire.

Bright yellow beams erupted from the tips of the rifles, striking the Gorn in several places on his body sending him crashing to the ground.

Kromal gritted his teeth against the pain, knowing he had to push through it to help his team. He quickly assessed the damage: severe burns, with the disruptor blasts having penetrated more deeply than he initially realized. Ignoring the burning sensation, he continued to return fire with his phaser, aiming for the Maquis attackers.

As he fired, he noticed one of the Maquis taking aim at Lurath. Summoning the last of his strength, Kromal shifted his aim and fired a precise shot, hitting the Maquis squarely in the chest and dropping him.

"I can still fight," Kromal growled, his voice resolute, though weaker than before. "We need to push forward."

Despite his injuries, he moved to a better position behind cover, providing suppressive fire to give his team an advantage. However, the effort took its toll. His vision began to blur, and his limbs felt heavy.

"We've got this!" Kromal shouted, his voice growing faint as he fought to stay conscious. The edges of his vision darkened, and he could feel his strength waning rapidly.

Finally, the pain and blood loss became too much. Kromal's grip on his phaser slackened, and he slumped against the bulkhead, his eyes closing as he succumbed to unconsciousness. His last thought before passing out was a fervent hope that his actions had helped secure victory for his team.

Lurath watched as the Gorn, Kromal, kept fighting through his pain. Pushing forward. Like a true warrior would, but that all changed when he saw him fall to his weakened state. Something came over Lurath, watching a fellow officer fall, drove the half Klingon into a rage. He gripped his phaser rifle tightly and let out a loud Klingon growl just before he ran into the weapons fire. Even though he was grazed by weapons fire, he felt nothing, as all he had in his heart was pure vengeance and anger.

Once he got into arms length, the half Klingon raised his rifle and swung it down on the nearest Maquis, knocking him down only to turn his attention to the next. He swung again, slamming the weapon across his face, breaking the phaser rifle in the process. His eyes focused next on the last Maquis in sight. As the man stumbled with his weapon, attempting to adjust the power, Lurath reached to his thigh and removed his family dagger from its sheath.

"You killed one of mine." Lurath said softly, in almost a crazed like tone, before raising his voice. "Klingon law demands your blood be spilled for his!" As he spun the weapon in his hand, so that the blade was pointed downward, he began to ran toward the man with a furious growl.

When the Maquis officer raised his weapon, it was suddenly knocked out of his hands, as he was soon met by a barrage of fists from Lurath. With each hit the grip on the handle of his dagger grew tight and tighter until the man was nocked down the the floor. Without hesitation, the half Klingon placing his knee on the Maquis chest and raised the hand that held the dagger.

One if the security officers rushed forward and grabbed the Commander's wrist. "Commander!" He said firmly. "Sir, we're Starfleet remember! He's still breathing, maybe we should get him to sickbay?"

Lurath looked over to the security officer, his eyes wide and filled with rage, as he growled at the man. He should stab him in the chest for stopping him from claiming his vengeance. It was the Klingon way, but he was only half Klingon. He pulled his wrist away from the security officers grip and looked down to the Maqui soldier under him. "He just saved your life. Thank him when you regain consciousness." He growled before slamming his fist across the mans face.

He stood up and looked over to the Security Officer and nodded his head. Slowly, he walked over to Kromal's unconscious body and placed his hand on him. "As promised, I will avenge you if you fall, Lieutenant. But know this. Today may be a good day to die, but it is not your day." Lurath picked up Kromal's phaser and tapped his combadge. "Lurath to Ermiana. Lieutenant Ezazzan his fallen and requires medial attention. Please transport him to sickbay."

"Locking onto him now," came the response from the transporter chief.

He paused for a moment as he remembered something. Lurath looked back at the small battle they just went through, observing the position of where everyone was. His eyes looked over to one Maquis in particular. The one Kromal got before moving forward. That Maquis was in the best position to get Lurath and he never saw him. Lurath would have fallen if it wasn't for the Gorn. If it wasn't for Lieutenant Ezazzan. He looked back at Kromal again and smiled a bit, patting him a bit, before saying. "Thank you, Kromal. I am in your debt." Lurath tapped his combadge again and added. "The Lieutenant is ready. When you can... tell him that Lurath thanks him and he is in his debt. He should know what that means."

The Gorn was engulfed in blue and white light and quickly shimmered away as the transporter pulled him back up to the ship. Meanwhile the security officer from before scouted the command center. "No hostiles sir. We have access to their systems."

Lurath nodded his head before tapping his combadge. "Lurath to Commander Juutilainen. The Command Center is ours."

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