More than Bread and water request.

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Mission: The Search
Location: Ten Forward

The doors of Ten Forward opened and in walked the Captain. The last few hours had been hectric. The ship had taken on board the captured Maquis and now Mikoto was here to find a certain someone she knew would be able to ensure they were accomodated.

She made her way towards the bar and took a seat at a stool.

Breeze came from the kitchen section of Ten Forward with a cup of tea and some fresh crumpets placing them down in front of the Captain with a smile.

[A lot of new echoes, I will not repeat what they sound like as I do try to be Lady Like Captain.] She winked. [Anything you need of me?] It was maybe a rhetorical question.

"Actually. I do need something from you," Mikoto said with a slight sigh. "Whats the current talk on the ship right now?" she asked curiously.

[There are new voices rumbling about their conditions...] breeze blished slightly. [There were some ...colorful cursings of... your name Captain.]

A smirk seemed to spread across Mikoto's face as she picks up one of the crumpets and bites into it. She chews it and swallows before speaking. "Thats to be excpected I guess. We did capture the Maquis supply depot on the Asteriod below. Its natural that they won't be too happy at being captured and held for trial as potential terrorists..."

The captain then held out the crumpet and looked at it. "This is rather good you know..."

[Glad you like the old family Recipe.] Breeze replied with a smile. [It does seem that those who do ill tend to complain and call foul the loudest.] She tapped her temple...

"Family recipe?" Mikoto asked. "And you managed to upload it into the replicators?"

[Kitchen...] She pointed over her shoulder. [It was a friend's recipe, I did claim 'The' family recipe.] Breeze would have giggle but nothing would come out so she gave the smile with a tilt of the head.

"Ah..." Mikoto said. "Anyways, I need your help with the current situation on ship. We've taken on quite a few new..." she paused for a moment. "Guests..."

[How delightful...] Breeze signed. [I suppose this means they get more than the Human Jailing diet of Bread and water?]

"Thats a rather old term," Mikoto smiled. "But yes. Basically, I'm considering putting them up in quarters. We can't hold that many people for more than a few days in the brigs alone." She explained as she took another bite of the crumpet. It did taste really good, and she was actually rather enjoying it.

After swallowing she looked back at Breeze. "Obviously the replicators will be deactivated in their quarters. I can't risk any chance that they'll try to replicate a weapon." She paused for a brief moment. "And I can't let them wander around the ship either. So they'll be under 'house arrest' so to speak."

[Double bunking or Individual; I know planning when each is alone tends to be more harmful that sets of two." Depends on the guards you want; luck has it I detect no Telepaths among their numbers.] She signed quickly. [But letting them be corralled together in itself seems to promote ill feelings and desire to be naughty.]

"What do you mean naughty?!" Mikoto asked quickly, a slight blush coming to her cheeks.

[The Santa Naughty List..] Breeze could not help but blush when hit by the wave of emotion by the Captain. [Why is it everything goes to the more 'Carnal' things with that word. I meant they are not good things or intentions?]

"Ok, I get it..." Mikoto said as she looked away for a brief second. "Back to the subject..." she took another bite of her crumpet. "I'm going to need someone to keep them fed and watered. Also to make sure they remain 'occupied' in some way." She explained to Breeze. "I'm not saying make sure they all get holo-deck time. But we need to make sure they are well treated until we can get them to a starbase."

[Should I teach them 'Games of chance'?] Breeze joked. [Being Maquis you would think they would be used to dealing with Lady Luck and Fate you know?] Putting her elbows on the table and resting her head in her hands. [Be leery as they 'claim' relationships and wanting to be together. They will try to get one or two dozen past your people.]

"Well, they'll be under lock and key with guards posted at the doors." Mikoto replied. "Can I trust you to go ahead and take up this assignment? It means keeping a good thirty two people happy, or as best we can until we can hand them in."

[Good thing I do not have to have sunglasses to hide my pupal then.] Breeze roe again. [How close a service do you want?] SHe smiled like a sly cat. [Crumpets and tea upon request Captain?] She winked.

Mikoto raised an eyebrow at her comment. "They're technically prisoners Breeze." She reminded her. "Three well balanced meals a day, nothing too exquisite. They've committed crimes against the Federation. We're not a flying hotel, as much as a Galaxy Class seems like it at times."

[So bread on the side of a soup meal.] Breeze raised an eyebrow. [Allowing for the more exotic alien digestive requirements. You want basic meals and them to not go stir crazy?]

"Pretty much," Mikoto replied. "It would be a big help if you could oversee this. I don't think they will accept anything from anyone wearing one of these..." she said as she pulled at her collar to indicate her Starfleet Uniform. "Plus, you might pick up on some of their thoughts. Let me know if you happen to 'learn anything' from them..." she added with a wink.

[I will be 'mindful not to break the Telepathic Laws.] Breeze joked a bit. [Though if they think loudly not my fault of course.]

"I'm sure many of them will be having 'loud thoughts' after being captured by Starfleet. Remember according to them, we are 'The Bad Guys'." Mikoto said with a sigh.

[An Earth song had a lyrics, 'The Bad Guys always say, both sides are the same. The Good Guys and the Bad Guys.' ] Berrse quoted. [I find most 'Idealists have a Narcissistic vantage point; their way or nothing.] Shrugging her shoulders. [It is hard to say in the Cardassian's were in the right as much, but then Boarders are done by Governing Bodies; the Little Guy on both sides have to live with the power struggle and politics. But Violence never solves the root problem.] She pointed out.

"You try telling them that..." Mikoto replied sarcastically. "I understand why they're pissed off and all. But I don't think they understand that there's a much bigger picture than their colonies. We're talking about upholding a treaty here, to prevent more war and more deaths on both sides." She let out a long exasperated sigh. "No one wants change, or to move their whole life. But its a small sacrifice to make to save millions of life and years of war, don't you think?"

[Diplomat's Daughter...]Her eyebrows rose with a knowing grin. [Not the person you want to make that point with, I was raised on a star ship and spents time on planets for Diplomatic reasons all the time.] Breeze missed the fact she cannot chuckle.

"I guess your right." Mikoto said the smile returning back to her face. "Anyways. I'll trust the Maquis care to you." she pointed to the rest of the crumpets on the plate. "Any chance I can get these 'to go'?"

Breeze magically had the carton and thermal cup for the tea both on the counter and transferred with Practiced ease from years of service under her belt.

[Ask and you shall receive.] Breeze signed. [I will get a basic meal planned and started here while I check on the Guests.] Breeze signed quickly and her mechanically soothing; almost human like, voice replied. [I had coffee and other refreshments sent earlier with some danish and snacks. Just basics; better than a vending mechinism but replicated with care.]

Mikoto gave her a small nod as she took the thermal cup and carton. "If you need anything, then please let either Operations or Commander Juutilainen know." She told her as she slid off the stool. "I've got a staff meeting in ten minutes to run."

Breeze had these crumpets as part of a Lay-Out of refreshment aimed at the Conference room and in final stages of preparation.

No need to Tell Cappy that as Breeze waved good-bye,

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