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Planning the Shipbreaking

Posted on Thu Oct 15th, 2020 @ 10:12pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant James Henderson & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz & Lieutenant Jamie Dougherty

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: USS Enterprise D Crash Site

Chelia, the civilian contractor adjusted her hard hat as she looked over the schedule for the 'breaking' of the Enterprise's saucer section. It was vast and had many steps which mainly included ensuring that everything from computer chips to hull plating was recorded and catalogued so it could be sent to the right place.

"Well, this is going to take a while you know that?" she said directing the question to her Starfleet counterpart.

Pete was looking at the large display and moved one of the little flag pins representing a work crew to a different location. "Uh-huh." Was all he said.

"So, where do you want your guys to start and mine?" She asked simply.

Carter stepped back from the display to get a better view. "Uh-huh." He said followed by the sound of his tongue clicking. "Now that team is .... " He muttered to himself as he looked at his notes. "Ah! Now that'll work." He reached for a cup of coffee sitting next to him.

Chelia grunted. "You didn't hear one word I said did you!"

"Actually yes I did," Pete said putting the cup back down. "The yellow flags are extraction teams. Blue flags are transportation and removal. The orange flags are for speciality work. Each yellow flag will have 20 people assigned to it making up the 5 crews. Theoretically, they won't get into each other's way. The blue flags are 5 people each with antigrav equipment for moving recovered parts back to the bottom of the crash site to be tested and then loaded up on a shuttle. The orange teams are 10 people each for handling speciality work. If my math is correct we can have 2 shifts working 6-hour shifts until we get room enough inside the hull for construction floodlighting to be installed. After that, we start working 10 hour days."

Chelia crossed her arms. "Well, that makes sense. I've got close to three hundred shop breakers all awaiting assignment. Do you want to mix them with your Starfleet techies?" She asked.

"Mixed except for the specialty teams, those will be all my people." Pete said. "Nothing personal.

"We have no problem with that," Zon responded, examining the display map carefully, "There are a few projects my crews should handle due to security concerns. The main computer core, warp drive, weapon systems, etc."

Lieutenant Henderson walked over at that point and looked at his PADD.

"Well I've got 5 Runabouts being prepped for cargo delivery as we speak. Anything that can fit into a Type 9A or even a Type 7, they are being configured for single person use so we can load up slightly more than what its rated for.

"That would work," Zon commented, "I'm certain the Captain would rather us be out of here as soon as possible. Hopefully this will run quickly and without down time..."

Chelia nodded. "We've got cargo shuttles as well" she explained. "They're not as fancy as your Starfleet Cargo Haulers, but they'll get the job done."

The Andorian officer nodded, "Glad to hear that, we are going to nead every inch of space we can get our hands on," Zon said.

"When did you two get here?" Carter was half dumbfounded, he must have been deeper in thought than he figured.

"Not that long ago, " Henderson replied, scratching the back of his head, "You was looking at the schedule and seemed to be thinking about something rather in-depth."

Chelia sighed. "I've got teams working with your starfleet engineers to start removing everything from wall panels to personal belongings. Right now I know you don't want us touching any of the Starfleet tech aboard."

"We can at least wait for the sun to come up first." Pete said with a grin on his face.

--Bridge USS Enterprise D--

Lt Dougherty had gotten her brief from the Chief, but took a slight detour, entering the main bridge of the ship. The dome above was cracked and open to the sky, and debris littered the floor, though much of it was cleaned off, leaving just enough that a good vacuum robot would enjoy cleaning. She walked down the ramp, her finger tracing along the wooden rail of the tactical station. She looked at the chair. How many missions had been lead from there? She slowly ascended the steps and sat in the captain's chair for a moment.

The viewscreen was offline, cracked, broken, and damaged, but she could imagine it alive and vibrant, showing in vivid 3D the external view of the ship, meeting unknowns, seeing friendly races and new stars...

"Erm... Lieutenant" a young enlisted engineer said as he led a team of them into the bridge.

"Oh, sorry, I was just about to grab some of the isolinear banks from the observation lounge and ready room," she said, getting up quickly from the chair.

He smiled. "No problem. We're going to start taking out the consoles in here" he explained.

Jamie exited the bridge, and entered Picard's ready room. The fish tank had been drained, the fish saved and transferred to Earth for Captain Picard. Apparently no one had gone through the room, so she looked around, opening her tricorder to verify the locations of the isolinear banks. As she scanned, her eyes fell on a Kurlan Naiskos, a small statue on the ground that was one of the rarest artifacts in the universe.

"What're you doing here?" she asked to no one in particular as she squatted down to check the statue. Her chest scrunched into her thighs as she knelt down. "Here, let me rescue you. I'm sure Captain Picard would love to have you returned."

She placed a transport tag on the item, and turned it on. Rather than beam up a valuable prize, Jamie called an antigrav chamber down into the room, and it enveloped the statue, bringing it to a shuttle for transport. She unrolled her PADD, and typed a few notes for that tag - Return to Captain Picard, Earth - then went on her way. She opened the isolinear bank next to the desk and saw a few chips marked 'classified,' and put them in her chip reader, and verified they were indeed functional, and contained current classified information.

"Well, aren't I lucky?" she mused to herself as a wave of red curls fell into her vision again. "Damn hair. I'd cut you off if you didn't grow back so damn fast," she complained, as she tied it up in a ponytail, noting to herself to braid it later so it'd stay out of the way.

For another hour and a half she checked the isolinear banks and found forty chips intact and able to be returned to Starfleet. One she found contained Captain Picard's replicator settings and favorites, and marked it with a note to return the data to the captain on Earth. The cracked, damaged, and fragmentary chips, she boxed up as neatly as she could, and tagged them with a small antigrav drone to take them out to be classified for recycling, repair, or otherwise.

She sat in the chair after setting it up right, and imagined it, all the adventures, the briefings, the meetings, the conversations, that happened in this chair. She was sure no one would miss it...she tagged it and marked it personal, so it would be delivered to her quarters. It was transported with an antigrav automated robot, and she left for the observation lounge, repeating the process. She got the isolinear banks checked and cleared of classified materials, separating those from standard programs all viewers use to render data, process calculations, etc. Those chips she put in a tray to be brought up to the ship to be recycled and used in other vessels as needed.

The young lieutenant left the lounge and did a once-over of the bridge itself. She tagged the entire module to be removed from the saucer, as it was classified how the ODN and plasma conduits were wired and fed through the consoles, the programs in each console, and it was a historic artifact, as the bridge of the former flagship of the fleet. It could be repaired and put into the Starfleet Museum alongside the Enterprise A.

Instead of taking the roundabout way down the ramp to deck 2, Jamie walked back into the observation lounge and simply exited the broken window, whose transparent aluminum had been removed to prevent cuts and accidents, and went to meet Lt. Carter on the deck.

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