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Time to Regain Honour

Posted on Sun Nov 22nd, 2020 @ 1:53am by Captain Mikoto Misaka

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Klingon Vessel

Captain Kulagh growled as he watched the Galaxy Class Starship take up a defensive position over the planet. Their surprise attack had failed. He had intended to disable the Starfleet Vessel and take what was rightly his, the Trilithium Weapon that he knew Lursa and Betor had obtained. However as usual he found himself having to play a game with the Federation Officers, something which he never liked.

Standing up from his chair he glanced over at his bridge crew. "I want an away team on that planet right now" he demanded. "I want you to search that wreck, if the weapon or anything relating to it happens to be down there, I want it" he said simply as he made his way back towards the transporter room.

"They want us to play by their rules. So we will entertain them for the moment" he announced. He pointed at two of his officers. "You and you. Come with me. We shall board that ship at their request". He led the team away towards the transporter room.


Kulagh turned to face his executive officer. A warrior whom he had served several years with, fought many battles with and a man he considered honourable and also his friend. He placed a hand on the other mans shoulder. "Jicok" he greeted him. "How is the injury?" he asked.

"Nothing to complain about" Jicok replied. "A minor inconvenience. I do want to ask though, what are your intentions here? How should we proceed?"

A toothy grin stretched across Kulagh's face as he looked into the eyes of his old friend. "We will obtain the Trilithium weapon at all costs. Once we have that we can restore the house of Duras to its full strength and restore our honour old friend" he explained. "That Starfleet Ship may want to talk with us all they like, but I have no intention of listening to them"

"You intend to attack them again?" Jicok asked. "I can have our weapons back online before you return should you wish..."

Kulagh held up a hand. "No" he said simply. "Have it repaired, but we need to think more like them. As much as we hate it, its essential to our plan. I will force their Captain to submit to us and give us what we want. However" he looked around. "I need you to go down to that crashed ship. Pull it apart if you want. But find that weapon"

"Understood" Jicok replied simply. "I shall assemble an assault team. But what if they put up resistance?"

"Be Klingon" Kulagh growled. "I want you here. I need someone I can trust to look after my vessel until I return"

Jicok nodded as he turned to walk back towards the bridge. He had his own concerns regarding his captain, but he was his friend and he himself lusted for blood and the honour that they both deserved. Their crew were only a few of a rag-tag group that was once the great house of Duras. One which he knew the heads of their house, Lursa and Betor had been attempting to restore and to reconquer the Klingon Empire.

Slowly he lowered himself down into the command chair of the Vorcha Class Attack Cruiser as he stared intently at the Galaxy Class now facing them. Once upon a time, a Klingon Vessel would have not even attempted to hail or talk to a Federation Vessel, but instead would have done everything it could to destroy them. The Klingon Empire had become weak ever since Gowron had taken over as Chancellor; and with that fool General Martok at his side all he could see was dishonour and stupidity.

"I want the weapons repaired" he ordered leaning slightly on the arm of the chair. "Get me a status of the ship now"

One of the bridge officers turned around in his chair. "Ship Status Sir" he said simply. "Weapons are under repair. Warp Drive is limited, but is functional. We have shields and our cloak is fully operational. Only minor injuries amongst the crew, hardly anything for sickbay to worry about" he explained. "We have long and short range sensors as well"

"Good" Jicok replied. "Now, we shall have to play clever. Once we have everything we need, nothing, not even Starfleet will stand in our way. This will be the start of our journey, songs will be sung about us one day"

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