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Meeting Mikoto Misaka

Posted on Wed May 13th, 2020 @ 8:01pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie "Mac" Taylor & Lieutenant Commander Lurath, Son of Grogori & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz & Lieutenant JG Scott Tracy

Mission: New Beginnings
Location: Observation Lounge

With the arrival of several senior officers, a message was sent to all of them on their daily duty assignment orders. The Captain had decided that instead of meeting each officer one by one, she would meet them all and get their status updates in one go. She had called them for a meeting that morning at 09:00 hours in the freshly constructed aft observation lounge that spanned the rear of the bridge module. She had expressed in the orders, signed with her rank and not her name, they were to enter and waiting for her arrival which should be shortly after 09:00 hours.

The first to arrive was Lieutenant Zon, the Andorian officer stepped inside and ordered a cup of coffee before sitting down. He had already been on the bridge fairly early, working his assistant chief, Ensign Wright to death. He wondered if this was going to be a meet and greet or actual business.

Mac walked into the briefing room with a PADD in her hand working on updating the new shuttlecraft's system. She walked over to the replicator and ordered a decaf coffee extra sweet with milk. and took her seat next to where the Captain would be seated.

"Good morning Lieutenant. How are you?" She asked with a smile. Working on her PADD.

"Quite fine, Commander," Zon responded with a glance, "We've been working most of the night preparing for the launch. There are a plethora of systems to check."

Scott walked in took a seat near Mac smiled as he said: "Good morning Commander, How are you doing?"

"I am fine," Mac said as they went to their special the place, but you know that as we share quarters.

Pete was in his quarters trying to wash the blood from his blouse when the message about the meeting came in. "Damn it and this is the only blouse I've got." He held it up into the mirror and didn't see anything except watermarks from scrubbing. "It'll have to do." He said as he grabbed his black leather notebook and headed for the nearest lift. He took a brief moment to look around the bridge before crossing over to the conference room. "Excuse me folks for the hold-up. Commander." He gave her a quick note.

Mac simply nodded "You are not late, the Captain is not here. Would you like some help down in Engineering?"
Once everyone had taken their seats a silence fell upon the room as the doors swished open once again. This time, a woman in her early thirties walked though. The red shoulders of the uniform showed everyone that she was from either flight control or the command division. Strangely her uniform was one of the few variants, one that had short sleeves. She stepped into the light, her short brown hair swishing back slightly as she looked around, Japanese facial features standing out amongst glistening brown eyes. Four gold pips on her collar shone brightly as she made her way to the end of the curved table.

Mac quite like Captain's version of the uniform Mac was very self-conscious of the scars on her arm from the operations she had as a kid.

Scott just smiled and kept his mouth shut.

Darius walked through the door of the Observation Lounge. He paused slightly in the doorway to get a feel for the room before walking the rest of the way in. He kept to a firm look as he grabbed a mug from the replicator and finally took a seat.

"My name is Captain Mikoto Misaka," she said simply as she stood in front of them. She crossed her arms as she looked around at each of their faces in turn. "Let me make this clear from the get-go, I am not the type of commander who allows people to slack off and get away easily. I expect as much if not more professionalism and dedication to duty as Captain Picard would have on the Enterprise. The Ermiana is my first ship and I do not intend to have a screw-up crew" she told them all simply. Her tone was firm, but a hint of fairness could be heard if you listened closely. "As senior officers on this ship, I wanted to make my intentions clear from what I expect out of the ships compliment"

With that said a small smile crept across the face. "With that said..." she pulled out the chair and sat down at the end of the table. "You all know who I am now. How about you tell me who you all are, and what you've got for me regarding the status of your department so far?"

"Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz, usually I am referred to as Zon," the Andorian lieutenant said, "The operations department is well underway, although understaffed. I suspect the rest of my crew will be arriving shortly. Regardless, we will launch on time where my department is concerned." It didn't bother him that the Captain was young, although a maiden voyage had its fair share of headaches, the ship, crew and Captain would grow together.

Mac smiled "My name is Lieutenant Commander Mackenzie Taylor but most people call me Mac." I am the Executive Officer aboard Ermiana. I worked on building this ship. over at the fleet yards." She paused with a smile "I am a proud cat momma to three cats. I love to run Marathons. My door is always open if any of you need a chat. That includes you, Captain." Mac finished.

Scott said "I am Lieutenant Scott Tracy. The Flight control department is coming along nicely. I love playing the piano dancing with my friends. I was a test pilot at Utopia Planitia fleet yards." he looked at the PADD that Mac was working on.

Mac said mentally I'll show you later it's a new mod for the Shuttlecraft Thunderbird.

Pete was scribbling himself a note about the commander's cats when he could feel everybody staring at him. "Oh, Pete Carter, my family originally hails from Earth's moon Luna. But I'm pretty much a space brat, my folks moved around a bit until I was a teenager. Ladies, all that I ask is please resist the urge to call me Peter, even my mother doesn't do that except when she was core beach angry." He closed his notebook and set his pencil alongside. "Be forewarned, I have a habit of doing some things rather old fashioned. It's something I've done since I was a kid, I just find it simpler at times." He held cleared his throat. "With regards to your preferred ma'am. Once I get things working the way I prefer them around here, don't worry none."

Darius sat there, drinking from his mug, remaining quiet as he knew it was his turn to go. As he placed the mug down he looked to the Captain, before looking around at the others, as he cleared his throat slightly. "Darius Cayne." He said firmly, placing his elbows on the table, as he continued. "I'm not going to give you a whole dating profile because that's absurd. I will tell you all, to get it out of the way, I was once assimilated. I lost my wife, daughter, and my arm." He said as he raised his left arm from the table. "This isn't real. It looks real, on the outside, but inside it's all tech. So, fair warning, my left hook is much stronger than my right. I don't want to be anyone's enemy here, and I am not about to let anything personal keep me from my job, but I won't let anyone push my buttons or break any rules." He took another sip of his mug but stopped abruptly to add. "On... and I don't want any telepaths reading my mind or talking to me without permission. I spent a long time with the Borg Collective in my brain and I can't help but get bad memories because of that. So, if you do me that favour, we'll be alright." He began to drink from his mug again.

"Lieutenant Commander Cayne, can I talk to you privately after the meeting?"

Darius nodded to Mackenzie.

"Anything else Captain?" Mac asked

Mikoto raised an eyebrow at her chief of security's comment about having being assimilated by The Borg. Afterall she had been on the front lines at Wolf 359.

"Nothing else comes to mind. We have a departure date for when we leave this drydock. Ensure that all that needs doing is done before that. I want this ship going out on time" she gave her new crew another once lookover. "Dismissed".

Mac stood and took her cup and ordered another cup of decaf coffee and sat back down.

Mikoto stood up and exited the room. She nodded at the XO before heading off towards her ready room.

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