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Cross planning

Posted on Wed Nov 25th, 2020 @ 8:28pm by Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr & Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz

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Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Forward lounge

*** Back posting ***

As the briefing broke up Carter asked McDowell and th'Tetz to join him, he had a couple of ideas that would require their help.

As they sat around one of the lounge tables, Pete began laying out his ideas. "Here's what I'm thinking. We have 5 roundabouts, a half a dozen type 12 and a mess up smaller shuttles. I'd like to isolate the type 12's for transporting the recovered parts back to the ship. All of the traffic too and from the surface will go through shuttle bays 2 and 3. Now one of the reasons I'm asking for this are cargo bays 6 through 12 are on the same two decks. And more importantly there empty. The other reason is we can begin to sort and test parts before they get to the ship. Anything that isn't salvageable we save for later and just recycle." He continued on for another few minutes with other plans he'd been thinking. "I think I'm planned for just about everything. What do you two think?"

"Each of the cargo bays are set to the requirements for each different type of salvage," Zon responded, the operations officer set his PaDD down onto the table, "Although not on the list of orders, I set aside space in cargo bay 3 for any errant personal items we may encounter."

McDowell tapped a few times at his PADD. "I'm having the Runabouts standard modules replaced by cargo modules. They may be better for hauling the bulkier pieces of equipment back up while we keep the Type 6 and 7 shuttles for smaller items." He suggested.

"Agreed. Guaranteed we'll find some personal item's it'd be nice if we could return them. If I remember correctly the casualties were pretty slight so it should be easy to track people down." Pete said shifting his weight in the chair. "One other thing I was thinking of. We have all of that emergency equipment aboard, we could put a heap of it to use. Tents, cots, portable replicators and the like. We could set up our on campsite right on the plant so we don't have to keep transporting people up and down. Plus it'll give us a place to set up testing areas before lugging stuff up here. Besides your pilots, that is."

McDowell looked at him with a questioning look. "For safety sake we can only run the shuttles during day light hours. We just run them in relay, a pilot brings an empty shuttle down, and flys a full one back."

"That's fine, until things really get going, I'll only be tieing up one of two of your pilots. And I shouldn't even need them for a few days any way." Pete said thinking out loud.

"The largest remaining question is how many civilians are we looking at? I'd like to work in 4 person teams, and get as many as possible with one of our people and the rest civilians." Pete said staring at the table top.

They spent another hour going over more trivial details and finished with a quick lunch. Pete stopped his mouth with a napkin. "I think unless something utterly bizarre happens we'll be just fine. What do you guys think?"

Both McDowell and th'Tetz shook their heads casually. "Okay, I'll write all of this up and get it to the captain. Thanks guys." Just that fast they each went their separate ways. As Pete headed for his office, the thought ... 'Atleast we have a game plan in mind...' , kept running through his head.

*** This has been a joint posting by the following officers. ***

Lt. C. McDowell
Chief Flight Officer

Lt. P. Carter
Chief Engineer

Lt. Z. th'Tetz
Chief of Operations


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