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Trouble on the Surface

Posted on Thu Feb 4th, 2021 @ 5:17pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka & Lieutenant Commander Peter Carter Jr

Mission: Cleaning Up
Location: Campsite - USS Enterprise

[Veridian 3, USS Enterprise Crash site]

Six red transporter beams materialised on the surface of Veridian Three, right outside the main operations camp that the Starfleet Engineers and civilian contractors had set up. The team consisted of six burley Klingons, led by a tall warrior whom already had his pistol in his hand. Many of the Starfleet and Civilian crew stopped at the sudden arrival of the Klingons.

"You" he said simply pointing his pistol at the nearest officer. "Tell me who is in charge down here" he demanded simply.

Chelia heard the commotion from outside and appeared out of the doorway of the tent. "Chelia to Lieutenant Carter" she said tapping her badge. She wasn't very experienced with Klingons and she didn't know why they were here. "Lieutenant, we have some Klingons that have just beamed down!"

Carter only half heard what was said, he was deep inside the wreck and had taken his jacket off to fit into a crawl space. However lucky for him Chelia had opened her comm to everyone in the area by accident. "Christ a mighty." Was all he said as he got himself together.

"Are you in charge here?" the Klingon demanded as he approached Chelia.

"Sort of. I'm in charge of the Civilians here. But not the salvage operation" she explained simply.

As soon as Pete got to the outer hull of the wreck he started reacting. =A= Carter to Captain Misaka, emergency! =A=

=A =Misaka here. We know Lieutenant. We've just been engaged tactically by a Klingon ship! =A= Misakas voice replied.

Pete pulled a monocular from his tool bag and lay down on the crest of the hull. Luckily when the saucer section came to test it crated a ridge with a perfect view down into the camp area. =A= Captain I'll do you on better. I have a half dozen of them standing in the center of my camp!!=A=

"I'll send down reinforcements for your a security team as soon as I can. Right now, don't allow them any access" she replied before the comm cut off.

=A= Carter to DeAngelis ... =A= Carter said half whispering into his comm badge.

=A= Go Lieutenant. =A= Corporal Jim DeAngelis was attached to the Ermiana's Marine Detachment and in charge of security on the planet.

=A= Jim, is there anything we can do about this? =A= Pete was trying to keep his tone calm, but internally he was scared stiff.

=A= I'm already working on it. Steve Hayes and a few couple others are quietly coming in from the north behind the testing tents. I have three more with me coming in from the landing field. =A= Jim sounded a little out of breath. =A= But there's only so much we can do with type 2's and three carbines. And I don't know how we're gonna do this without a fire fight. =A=

Pete was able to see most of what was going on a mile away, but that was about it.

The Klingons seemed to be restless. They were obviously looking for something. "I am here to search this vessel. It has on board a powerful weapon which was stolen from The Klingon Empire! Resist and I will not hesitate to harm you!" He announced loudly to the camp.

Chelia stood there and crossed her arms. "You are searching for a weapon huh?" she asked. She reached up and tapped her comm badge, it opened a channel to Pete's comm badge so he could listen to the conversation.

"Yes. What do you know of a Trilithium Weapon?" The Klingon asked as he approached the Trill women.

"I know nothing of such a weapon. However I do know from Science that Trilithium in theory has the power to bring all fusion to a stop in a star. That is if it can be stabalised properly" Chelia replied. She didn't know why the Klingons would be looking for such a substance in the wreck of a Galaxy Class Starship, such a vessel would never have had that on board.

The Klingon smiled, his toothy grin stretching across his face. "You are smarter than you look. We shall be looking for that weapon now. We know it is here, for the Mistresses had it in their posession. Before your Starship in Orbit destroyed them!" he growled.

"I think you'll find that the Enterprise destroyed them"

The Klingon laughed, his laugh booming across the camp. "So, why is this Enterprise down here and our ships wreckage is up in orbit. No..." he paused. "The Mistresses destroyed your Enterprise, and in revenge for your lost ship you destroyed them without honour" he drew his disruptor and aimed it at Chelia's head, before withdrawing it. "I will not shoot an unarmed civilian" he growled. "That is not honourable"

Chelia took a deep breath of relief. "Starfleet won't allow you to board this ship. I can assure you there are no weapons here apart from Photon Torpedo Launchers and the Galaxy Class Phaser Arrays"

"None of which are useful to us" The Klingon said simply as he turned away. "If you attempt to stop us, I will order my men to open fire on anyone in their sight" he announced as he began to walk of towards where a large hole in the side of the Enterprise's hull had been cut, spanning several decks to remove equipment.

Pete still laying atop of the saucer section section pulled a hand phaser he always carried from under his belt. "For once I'm using this thing for something other then a welder." He muttered to himself. =A= Jim, talk to me? =A=

=A= All personnel listening to this, on the count of 3 hit the dirt!! Team 1 ready .. Team 2? =A=

=A= Ready =A= Was the only response.

=A= 1 .. 2 .. 3 .. Down Down Down =A= DeAngelis bellowed at that split second the 30 or more people in the camp all dove to the ground and behind what ever pieces of cover they could as the 6 Marines opened fire. One of the Klingons was vaporized immediately and a second shortly there after. The remaining four were either stunned or clubbed into unconsciousness.

Pete ran and slid down the embankment into the camp. =A= Carter to Ermaniana ... situation contained down here. =A= Pete said gulping down a lung full of air.

"Which one of you guys have their weapon set to kill?!?!" DeAngelis asked furious.

"Sorry Jim, I did. I .. I .. I" A young man dropped the weapon and collapsed crying next to it. DeAngelis stepped over to him and was about to say something as Carter approached.

"Corporal ... hold it a minute." DeAngelis stepped over towards him. "Jim I'll take the hit for the kid, if anything comes of this. He was scared to death like the rest of us. All it takes is the slip of a finger."

DeAnglis shook his head. "No Lieutenant, he should have known better." He turned and looked at the boot sobbing. "Okay." He muttered to himself. "Quinn, pull yourself together a ready." Jim looked back at Carter and shrugged."

"Misaka to Carter. The Klingons will be returning to their ship shortly, they're not welcome here. I am calling an emergency meetings, get back up here as soon as you can" Mikoto's voice called through the lieutenant's comm badge.

To be continued...


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