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Lieutenant Harper Matthews

Name Harper Matthews

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El Aurian (believes she is Human)
Age 30
Date of Birth August 7th 2340
Place of Birth UNKNOWN - Brought up in Gold Coast, Australia
Sexuality Heterosexual

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 10"
Weight 135 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown (can be dyed blonde)
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Harper has an hourglass figure and works hard to keep it that way through exercise and workout regimes. A natural brunette she usually dyes her hair blonde as she likes it better.

Has a tattoo of a few musical notes on her ankle.

Small birthmark on her hip.


Relationship Status Single
Father Eli Matthews (Adoptive Father) - Freighter Captain
Mother Ava Matthews (Adoptive Mother)
Brother(s) Aaron and Andrew Matthews (Twins - Adoptive Brothers)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Harper is sweet and genuine and will always look to help others when she can. She is quite bubbly and open with everyone she meets due to her upbringing encouraging be kind and honest with all.

She has a fierce protective streak for friends and family, and is always known to speak her mind. There is no better person to have when backed into a corner or if you need help.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Athleticism
+ Creative Thinker
+ High Empathy
+ Sometimes due to her El Aurian genes (which she has no knowledge of) people open up to her, reveal their secrets to her.

+/- Protective Streak

- Can be too quick to trust someone at times.
- Can open her mouth before her brain engages.
- Sometimes due to her El Aurian genes (which she has no knowledge of) she can be affected by temporal incidents. Symptoms vary.
Ambitions To start a family one day.
Be there for those in need.
Hobbies & Interests Harper is a keen musician. She loves to sing and is quite adept at both the piano and the guitar, both electric and acoustic. She is also quite creative and loves to draw. She usually brings an old fashioned writing pad to meetings and doodles whilst she listens.

She keeps fit, an avid believer in a fit body and mind is good for the soul. Loves a night out as much as a night in and loves the beach.

Personal History Harper Matthews was not born on Earth, nor did she have Human parents but instead she was taken in by them.

Ava and Eli Matthews one day found they were unable to conceive children and no matter what treatments they tried there was nothing that worked. They were devastated as young adults who wanted nothing more than to make a family of their own. They had looked into adoption as one possible avenue to go down to achieve their dream but one fateful night their prayers were seemingly answered when Eli was on one of his transport runs. He was a cargo ship captain.

He had been on a run, simple as you like but one of the crew reported hearing crying coming from one of the holds. They had picked cargo up from Anto II and a couple other planets to bring back to Earth for distribution. Upon investigation he discovered a child wrapped in a fabric he had never seen before, with a note in a language he didn’t understand.

He took the child home with him to Ava, cleaned her up and called the authorities to come pick her up. However, by that morning Ava was already in love with her, she felt their prayers had been answered. A baby on their doorstep.

Naturally, they let the authorities check her over, do their investigations but convinced them to let them keep her until her own family was found.

They never were and the Matthews were granted custody and guardianship of the child. The only anomaly was that the baby scanned as non-Human, she was in fact an El Aurian but this was not something that would make any difference at such a young stage.

Thus, Harper Matthews came to be.

The Gold Coast of Australia was where Harper called home all her life as she grew up with her adopted brothers Aaron and Andrew, the twins. Although as far as they all knew their mother and father were Eli and Ava. The decision to tell them would be made when they were old enough but during their childhood, they enjoyed their family with blissful ignorance.

Harper was always a little bit of a tomboy. Her brothers who were a few years younger always dragged her into their scrapes, their games and usually she was there to bail them out and solve their problems. Boys would always be boys but when a girl gets involved you know they mean business and it would be more than once that she came home with a bloody nose and was sent to her room with no supper as a punishment. She would not care though; she was protecting her brothers and that meant everything to her.

As she grew up, she blossomed into a more confident blonde-haired, blue-eyed athlete. Secondary education was easy enough for her and she ended up on the track team, played volleyball and field hockey for school and country. Her coaches said she was good enough to take the field hockey further, but it just was not in the cards.

Her home life was good, her mother always around and her father as much as he could be when not on transport runs but she knew she was loved and deep down she felt at home there.

When she was 18, she was told about her adoption into the family and she took it well, she did not care. Ava and Eli were her parents no matter what a piece of paper or blood said, and Aaron and Andrew were her brothers. Nothing would change that. They had given her a home, a life full of love and safety. What more could she ask for?

6 months later she had applied to University of Queensland and was accepted for a degree in Medicine.

She graduated at 22 with a pre-med degree and decided to specialise in psychology. She would study this for further 2 years before deciding to join Starfleet; she felt the need to see the stars and graduated 2 years later finished first in her class and certified as a medical officer and counsellor.

She spent several years as a counsellor on the USS Dumbarton. She impressed her superior that when it became time for a new Assistant Chief, she was placed into the role temporarily to see how she would cope. Given she was still quite inexperienced it was a good idea and it turned out to be an excellent choice as she was made permanent a short while later.

Harper spent 6 months as an interim Chief Counsellor on the USS Dumbarton when Commander McCabe went on maternity leave on Earth before returning to reclaim her spot. Harper stood aside at that time and went back to her previous duties.

In 2371 with tensions rising all around Harper wanted a change of scenery and felt that an opening on the USS Ermiana was where she wanted to call home for however long they would have her, or her them. Her transfer was approved and a new chapter in her life began.
Service Record 2 year fast track - Starfleet Medical Academy
3 years - Counsellor, then Assistant Chief Counsellor, USS Dumbarton
6 months - Interim Chief Counsellor, USS Dumbarton
Current - Assistant Chief Counsellor, USS Ermiana, later made Chief Counsellor permanently.