Tournament of Sims 2022!

Posted on Sun Mar 17th, 2024 @ 5:58pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka

To all crew!

I am proud to announce that the USS Ermiana has won an award through the Tournament of Sims for the year 2022. (There was a slight delay in judging due to some judges having real life issues).

Anyways, congratulations to you all! We have achieved the award of 'Great Star Trek.


Our sim was judged by three inpartial judges, which had this to say about our first adventure 'Cleaning up'.

Judge 1:

'This sim does a great job with lots of JPs among its players.'

Judge 2:

'Fun dynamic story.'

Judge 3:

'This sim does a great job with descriptive writing and representing the Trek genre.

One thing they could work on is improving the interactions between characters which came off a little wooden at times.'

Overall, achieving this shows the simming community what good writers we are and gets us a little recognition! I am so happy and proud that we have all earnt this reward for our little part of the simming community!

Keep up the good work people! I look forward to spending many more years writing with you all!

Captain Mikoto Misaka



Category: Sim Announcement

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