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Mission Update & Crew Announcement

Posted on Fri Jun 12th, 2020 @ 6:07pm by Captain Mikoto Misaka
Edited on Thu Oct 21st, 2021 @ 1:31am

To all crew!

The Ermiana has now officially left spacedock, and we're all aboard! Well done to everyone for helping get the ship ready and out into space. The first mini-mission "New Beginnings" has now been completed and we are moving onto our first main mission "Cleaning Up".

Cleaning UP takes place on Veridian 3 where we will be tasked with removing all sensitive equipment, technology and data from the crashed saucer section of the USS Enterprise D. We will also be overseeing the civilian contractors and corps of engineers who are tasked with dismantling and removing the wreck.

At the moment there is a mission briefing starting in the observations lounge for all senior officers. We'll get some ideas rolling and a plan in place.

I am proud of you all for the effort you've all put in.

Also, an out of character special announcement! Can we all please send our best wishes and congratulations to Lieutenant Zon th'Tetz, also known as Kurt. He got married to his beautiful new wife this last week, and have recently found out that he is exepecting his first child. I want to take a moment to wish him all the best, a huge congratulations from the crew and I hope he and hiws wife share a wonderful life together and become fantastic parents! Raise a glass in honour of any beverage you wish!

Congratulations Kurt!

Well, thats all for now. Please keep up the good work people!


Captain Mikoto Misaka


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